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Garrett G Series | G40-900 Turbo

SKU G40-900

The Garrett G Series G40-900 Turbo brings big power in a mid-frame turbo.

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The Garrett G Series G40-900 Turbo brings big power in a mid-frame turbo.

The Garrett G Series G40-900 Turbo Brings Big Power In a Mid-Frame Turbo

Garrett’s all-new G40 mid-frame turbochargers are engineered for 2.0L - 6.0L engine displacements and are capable of supporting from 500 - 1150 horsepower. G Series G40 is offered in two sizes depending on the performance targets of the engine: G40-900 (62mm compressor inducer) and G40-1150 (71mm compressor inducer). Stainless steel turbine housings are available in T4 divided inlet and V-Band inlet configurations. 

While the G40-1150 certainly has its place in the lineup, the G40-900 is a excellent choice if you need lower backpressure and up to 82lb/min in the mid-frame footprint. The 900 is a step up from the G35-900, giving you a lower backpressure option at that power output. If you need 1000+hp (more power than the G40-900 can support) then the G40-1150 is ready to get the job done

Compressor Specifications

  • Compressor Wheel Inducer: 62mm
  • Compressor Wheel Exducer: 88mm
  • Compressor Wheel Trim: 51
  • Compressor Wheel Material: Forged Billet Aluminum Alloy
  • Compressor Wheel A/R: 0.80 A/R
  • Max Flow Rate: 82 lb/min
  • Max Recommended Turbo Shaft Speed: 125000 RPM
  • Compressor Housing Connections:
    • Inlet: 4.0″ Hose Coupler
    • Outlet: 2.5″ Hose Coupler

Turbine Specifications

  • Turbine Wheel Inducer: 70mm
  • Turbine Wheel Exducer: 77mm
  • Turbine Wheel Trim: 84
  • Turbine Wheel Material: Mar-M
  • Turbine Wheel Max Temp: 1050C / 1922F


  • G Series compressor aero increases flow up to 35% (compared to GTX4088R)
  • Dual ceramic ball bearing with steel cages
  • G Series turbine aero increases flow by 16% (compared to GTX4088R)
  • Inconel turbine wheel with 77mm inducer flows up to 43 lbs/min
  • Lightweight aluminum backplate
  • Fully machined speed sensor and pressure ports
  • Water fittings included with supercore
  • Stainless steel turbine housings available with T4 twin scroll inlet
  • T4 turbine housing outlet V-Band dimension (117.4mm | 4.622” OD) is
    equal to existing GTX42, GTX45, and G42 models

G40-900 Compressor Map

Garrett G Series G40-900 Turbo compressor map

G40 Exhaust Flow Chart

Garrett G40-900 turbo exhaust flow chart

G40-900 Reference Data

Garrett G series G40-900 turbo reference data

Optional Turbo Speed Sensor

turbo speed sensor

About Garrett G-Series Series Turbochargers

Garrett G-Series turbochargers are designed specifically for hard-core enthusiasts who want optimal performance. The forged fully-machined billet aluminum compressor wheels feature next-generation aerodynamics that provide a larger horsepower range and maximize boost response.

Ported shroud compressor housings increase surge resistance and provide reliable, continuous power throughout the power band. A dual ceramic ball bearing cartridge prolongs the lifespan and improves shaft balance. The watercooled CHRA keeps housing temperatures to a minimum. The turbine wheel is constructed from Inconel, a Super Alloy that maintains strength during prolonged exposure to high exhaust gas temperatures.

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