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EF / CRX / 4th Gen Civic (1988-1991)

Many fear that the older a chassis becomes, the less support it will get from manufacturers. This is not always the case, as Full-Race offers a host of performance solutions for your 1988-91 Honda Civic and CR-X! Whether you kept the original D-Series engine or swapped in a B-Series upgrade, we have upgrades to help you extract more from your Honda. From complete turbo kits to manifolds for turbochargers by BorgWarner and Garrett, you’ll find what you need at Full-Race. We also offer intercooler and radiator solutions to suit your build objectives. Make sure you check out our traction bars to ensure that all the horsepower you’re making is getting to the ground.
EF / CRX / 4th Gen Civic (1988-1991)


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