F-150 EcoBoost Oil Cooler Installation

For demanding applications that routinely see elevated water temps - a radiator upgrade followed by an external Oil Cooler is the best way to provide additional engine cooling.  This requires a relocated Front-Mount Intercooler to provide the open space in the front grille.  

Start by bolting the lower mounting beam to the front bumper support, then bolt the oil cooler to the front bumper support beam.

Oil Cooler Core shown fastened to beam

Confirm that everything is secure and fully tightened.

Install O-ring fittings in thermostat “sandwhich plate” adapter. Note: Do not use Teflon tape or sealant.

Drain engine oil.

Remove oil filter and finger tighten/Install thermostat housing. This must be rotated into place before fully tightenting.

Run stainless braided lines from the sandwhich adaptor to cooler. Make certain they are clear of the crank pulley and not rubbing on anything. Any contact will cause the damage, and or leaks.

Confirm all fittings are tight BEFORE moving on to the next step.

52” Long line is for the passenger side fitting

40” Long line is for driver side fitting 5.

Torque sandwhich plate adapter Torque 30-35 ft lbs. before reinstalling new oil filter.

Prime engine with oil (hold throttle down W.O.T while cranking engine for no start condition). Watch the oil pressure gauge and once you have built up oil pressure you’re good to go. Don’t keep starter engaged for more than 20 seconds and allow the starter to cool for a few minutes before proceeding to the next step.

After the starter has properly cooled down, start the engine, and run for 30 seconds.

Shut the engine off and look for oil leaks before driving.

Correct any oil leaks found

After 50 miles of driving confirm all connections are still tight.

Do the same at 250, 500, and 1,000 miles just to be safe.

You have now completed your installation of Full-Race’s F-150 Oil Cooler.

Advanced / Optional Steps: If you are subjecting your vehicle to extreme abuse (such as towing up a mountain in Arizona summer heat) the next few steps involve completely deleting the OEM oil cooling / water circuit. This is the part on the engine block which circulates engine coolant around the oil filter housing and is where the thermostat sandwich adaptor screws on in step 3. This does not change the Full Race oil cooler kit.

Replace OEM radiator hose with F150 3.5L non turbo radiator hose:

Optional: fully delete the OEM Housing. Remove the OEM 14mm hex insert, then remove the housing. Install Ford part # F1AZ-6890-A this 14mm hex insert is from the F150 3.5L non turbo oil filter mount. 

If you have any additional questions please reach out to us at tech@full-race.com