F150 EcoBoost & Raptor Intercooler comparison 

Full-Race F150 Raptor Intercooler Relocation Kit
Here are 2 independent results comparing stock CAC vs Full-Race V2 Raptor and F150 Intercooler:  https://www.full-race.com/store/ecoboost/f150-ecoboost-2017/2015-f-150-ecoboost-freakoboost-intercooler-cac-upgrade-kit/ 1). Paul Rogers:  Stock intercooler vs Full Race intercooler. Ambient vs Intake (IAT2) temps. Temps go up with stock, down with FR when you’re on it. It’s funny to watch the temps drop as you give it gas now instead of the opposite. These were 2k-6k RPM logs. ???? Stock:  Best difference between ambient and intake = 44 degrees. Worst was 65 degrees! Full Race intercooler:  Best difference between ambient and intake = 11 degrees. Worst was only 24 degrees different!
Full-Race Raptor Intercooler test
Full-Race V2 Raptor Intercooler IAT test result comparison
2) MPT Tuning: Full-Race intercooler dropping IAT like its hot!
IAT2 Raptor Intercooler test
3.5L Raptor EcoBoost intercooler comparison: Stock vs Full-Race
These results almost identically match our in-house testing previously posted. Email [email protected] or call us at 602-437-2101 with any questions

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