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Xona Rotor XR10569S X4C SuperCore Turbo 550-1100HP

SKU 14100

The Xona Rotor XR10569S X4C SuperCore Turbo is rated for 550-1100HP, giving you all the power you need.


The Xona Rotor XR10569S X4C SuperCore Turbo is rated for 550-1100HP, giving you all the power you need.

X4C XR105-69S Super Core Turbo Brings Power and Performance

Xona Rotor XR line of performance turbochargers use innovative solutions to enhance performance and durability. Among them is Xona’s proprietary variable-preload ball-bearing cartridge system.

Traditional bearing systems with insufficient preload can experience ball sliding and scuffing at high shaft speeds, leading to fretting of the bearing races and short bearing life. The bearing housing itself is a fully-machined, high-strength stainless steel component with an extended water jacket. By fully surrounding the turbine seal ring land area, this advanced cooling feature combats heat soakback, preventing piston ring collapse for enhanced durability at high temperatures.

A turbocharger’s bearing system is its heart, and Xona Rotor has left nothing on the table. Xona XR turbochargers use hybrid (ceramic balls and steel races) ball bearing cartridges unlike those found elsewhere. These high-precision ABEC 7 angular contact ball bearings are made with advanced M62 high-speed powder metal steel races, silicon nitride ceramic balls, and metallic ball cages. No melted ball cages here.

Together these features deliver significantly elevated robustness and durability at extreme temperatures compared to conventional ball bearing systems. Most performance turbochargers today use a single piston ring for sealing the shaft at each end. By contrast, Xona XR turbochargers employ twin rings at both the compressor and turbine ends. This feature dramatically reduces oil leakage and gas intrusion at both ends of the rotating assembly. Furthermore, since the sealing load is spread across two rings, wear rates are reduced and seal life is extended. Complementing this are large-diameter oil slingers incorporated into both ends of the shaft, further reducing splash oil at the piston ring seal location within the bearing cartridge.

The compressor register of the CHRA features an overbuilt compressor backplate and cover interface system that is very tolerant of external loads, limiting structural distortion that can lead to compressor wheel rubbing and premature failure. At the oil inlet, XR turbochargers offer a choice of 7/16" inverted flare or straight M12x1.25 connections. Built into the oil inlet cavity of the CHRA is a large volume “last ditch” oil filter element that prevents oil contaminants from entering the bearing system and plugging oil passages within the turbocharger. At the other end of the Xona XR’s bearing housing, a modular oil drain flange allows for a variety of bolt spacing.


  • Variable preload angular contact two-row ball bearing cartridge
  • Twin gas ring seals at the compressor and turbine
  • High strength, lightweight fully-machined stainless steel center housing
  • Full hydraulic damping of the rotating assembly
  • Integrated oil contaminate filter
  • Metallic bearing cages
  • New staggered wheel design alleviates back pressure and spools faster without reducing the number of blades


  • Horsepower Range: 550 - 1100 HP
  • Compressor Wheel Inducer: 72mm
  • Compressor Wheel Exducer: 99mm
  • Compressor Wheel Flow: 105 lb/min
  • Turbine Wheel Inducer: 78mm
  • Turbine Wheel Exducer: 69mm

Turbine Housing Choices

All of these turbine housings are proprietary austenitic stainless steel with high nickel content. Investment cast to minimize weight yet can cope with temperatures up to 1,900 degrees F.

  • 0.82 External Wastegate V Band Tial P/N 006879
  • 1.03 External Wastegate V Band Tial P/N 006880
  • 1.06 T3 Inlet External Wastegate V Band Tial P/N 006913

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