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Walbro 525 LPH F90000285 E85 Hellcat Fuel Pump

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Walbro Hellcat 525LPH F90000285 E85 Fuel Pump Is a 900+ HP In-Tank Universal Fuel Pump

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Walbro Hellcat 525LPH F90000285 E85 Fuel Pump Is a 900+ HP In-Tank Universal Fuel Pump

Walbro Hellcat 525LPH F90000285 E85 Fuel Pump Is a 900+ HP In-Tank Universal Fuel Pump

Walbro’s 525lph in-tank fuel pump is the highest flowing in-tank fuel pump on the market today. Supporting up to 900+hp at 60psi, for both pump gas and E85 applications—this is an ultra-high flowing fuel pump unlike anything else we've seen.

Delivering unparalleled performance and OEM reliability, Walbro’s brand new 525 LPH fuel pump supports up to 700 flywheel horsepower with forced induction and 900 horsepower N/A. The innovative design of the DCSS 39/50 features a single impeller with two parallel rows of turbine blades. This innovative dual pump head design delivers maximum pressure with superior fuel flow, as well as minimal noise, increasing efficiency by 20% over conventional fuel pumps. Operating in both gas and E85, this fuel pump comes with a check valve to avoid system leak-down and reduce extended cranking at start-up. Note: high power retrofit installations are recommended to use thicker wire and a fuel pump relay. 

Walbro Hellcat 525LPH F90000285 E85 Fuel Pump

Walbro’s 525 LPH “turbine style” in-tank high-pressure fuel pump is the single highest flowing Intank pump we offer. Designed for high-performance engines exceeding 500hp, it can reliably meet the fuel-hungry demands of turbocharged gasoline high-performance engines. This pump is remarkably quiet and heats fuel less, due to the turbine rotor design. Walbro Engineers based the overall design on the same 39mm motor from the proven 255HP but changed from the old “gerotor pump” to a high-performance and more modern “Turbine pump”. They also revised the motor assembly to allow for PWM fuel pump control and/or standard +12V. The turbine pump head uses two sets of turbine blades set in parallel on a common shaft (like a jet engine). The pump design pressurizes the fuel as it flows through the pump axially, without forcing the fluid to change direction – the end result is tremendous flow rates at a variety of different rail pressures and to suit various injector sizes.

Walbro 525 LPH F90000285 E85 Hellcat Fuel Pump

Walbro 525 Fuel Pump Features

  • The highest flow in-tank brushed fuel pump offering from TI Automotive
  • Outperforms most in-tank fuel pumps, including the Walbro 450
  • High pressure, high-flow performance unique to the “fat-bottom” pump mechanism
  • Award-winning OE DCSS technology for consistent performance and reliability found on the Dodge Hellcat
  • OEM technology was designed and developed for E85. All pumping components have been validated to OEM specifications for approved use in E85/Flex Fuel applications.
  • Internal check valve—prevent fuel system pressure bleed down—prevent extended cranks
  • High-pressure relief setting—support supercharger and turbo applications
  • Capable of supporting 900+HP at 60PSI naturally aspirated applications
  • Flush mountable to the existing hanger with installation kit 400-0085

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