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The Turbo Speed Gauge TSG-1 Displays Boost and Turbo Speed

Turbocharger speed is a critical data measurement that is often underutilized. Modern turbos have speed sensors easily integrated and accurately able to “count blades” and determine how fast the turbo is spinning—identifying where your engine is operating on the compressor map. The all-new Turbo Speed Gauge displays boost and turbo speed with warning outputs at overspeed. The TSG-1 is a compact, 2 1/16″ circular gauge that can be easily attached to your A-pillar, dash, or any universal gauge pod.

Turbo Speed Gauge Features

  • Monitor turbo speed data in real-time with a 128×64 pixel graphical display
  • Turbo over-speed warning: During periods of over-speed the unit's screen flashes. An over-speed warning output is provided to illuminate a warning light or relay
  • Analog input for Boost Pressure monitoring: The MAP sensor can be connected for display on the screen along with the turbo speed information
  • 12-bit 0-5 volt analog input for MAP/pressure sensors
  • 12-bit 0-5 volt analog output for ECU and/or data logging purposes
  • Note: Sensor is not included

Turbo Speed Gauge Includes

  • TSG-1 Unit (52mm Gauge)
  • Speed sensor connection cable
  • Mounting bracket

On the initial key-on, the TSG firmware version number will be displayed. Once a few seconds have passed the unit will begin normal operation with the main display screen displayed. Before using the TSG-1 the unit must be configured for the turbo type as well as other options.

The Following Functions Are Configurable

  1. Turbo Type: configurable for many types of turbos. Specific Borg Warner turbo types are selectable and will preset the proper critical speed. For generic turbo types, the blade count is selected and the critical speed menu is manually set.
  2. Max Speed: When a generic turbo type is selected, the critical speed must be set here.
  3. Analog Input: Select the type of pressure sensor for display.
  4. Analog Output Trim: The analog output scaling can be adjusted in small increments to correct for errors. This is preset at the time of manufacture and should not need adjustment.

To enter Configuration Mode, with the TSG-1 powered up, hold the Mode button for 10 seconds. Once in Configuration mode, pressing the Mode button will scroll through the list of configurable items. Use the Recall button to change the parameter. Press Mode for 5 seconds to save the parameters and leave configuration mode. Note that the parameters are not saved until Configuration mode is exited using the Mode button.

When in operating mode, the TSG-1 will display Turbo Speed in either Numerical or Graphical form. If an analog sensor is configured then a numeric screen for it is also selectable. When displaying the Analog Numeric screen, the Turbo Speed is displayed at the bottom of the screen as well. Pressing the Mode button will step thru the various style display screens. The selected screen is stored so that it will stay selected even after the unit is turned off. Pressing the Recall button will display the peak turbo speed detected above the critical speed, as well as the amount of time the critical speed has been exceeded. These values will accumulate even between sessions. While holding the recall button, also holding the mode button will clear these values. The turbocharger’s critical speed is displayed at the top of the screen for reference.

Turbo Speed Gauge TSG-1Turbo Speed Gauge TSG-1

Installing the TSG-1

  1. Disconnect the battery negative cable under the hood
  2. Mount the TSG1 inside the car using a gauge pod or similar mounting method
  3. Route the included cable from the TSG1 to the turbocharger, being careful to avoid hot components
  4. Plug the connector into the turbo speed sensor installed in the turbo compressor housing
  5. Route a source of “12-volt” power, and ground to the terminals on the rear of the TSG1. Refer to the figure below for details.
  6. Route the analog turbo speed signal to a data logger or ECU if desired
  7. Route a wire from the warning output to a small lamp or relay if desired
  8. Connect a MAP or pressure sensor (or another input signal) to the Aux Sensor input
  9. Reconnect the battery
  10. Power up the unit and configure the turbo type and aux type

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