2021+ Toyota Supra B58 A90 | 6 Port Top Mount Turbo Manifold

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2021+ Toyota Supra B58 A90 | 6 Port Top Mount Turbo Manifold

If you're looking to maximize power output from the A91 Supra platform, this turbo manifold is for you.  Full-Race’s 2021+ Toyota A91 Supra B58 6 Port Top Mount Turbo Manifold was designed specifically to take advantage of the 2021+ B58's high flowing 6 Port Cylinder Heads. This cylinder head vastly outperforms the 2 port head with upgraded turbos.  Featuring high quality robotic-TIG welded stainless steel, this manifold is designed to work with any Twin Scroll T4 Flanged External WG Turbocharger -or- Twin Scroll T4 electronic-IWG EFR Turbochargers using an electronic actuator. We recommend the G30 / G35 twinscroll or EFR 8474 and 9280 for most setups.



  • 2021+ Toyota A91 Supra with 6 Port Cylinder Head
  • 2020 Toyota A90 Supra with 2021+ 6 Port Cylinder Head Swap


2021+ Toyota A91 Supra B58 6 Port Top Mount Turbo Manifold Features

  • Precision Fabricated from thick wall stainless steel
  • Robotically TIG welded construction
  • CNC/Ported head flange
  • Sealing surfaces machined flat ensuring a leak free seal
  • 44mm Wastegate Flanges for TiAL MVR Wastegates OR No Wastegate Flanges for EFR IWG


Technical Info

This dyno comparison shows the Full-Race Supra Turbo Kit with an EFR 9280 Turbo using both the A90 vs A91 cylinder heads to demonstrate the power gains available.  Full-Race developed the 2 port manifolds with Papadakis Racing early on, and we’ve collected a ton of data in that time, so using their Toyota Supra for the 6 port testing was ideal.  The hardware changes on this dyno comparison were limited to the 6 port cylinder head and Full-Race 6 port turbo manifold.  All other components remained 100% the same during testing.

Dyno A90 Supra

This first comparison shows 2.2 bar boost – The yellow line is the A90 2 port head and the blue line is the A91 6 port head.

The 6 port head and manifold (blue line) swap gained ~200ft lbs of torque at 4500rpm and carried those gains through the entire power curve. There was zero loss of performance anywhere. To be clear – the new 6 port head is a plug and play swap for the 2 port.  Even cams and valves / springs / Sensors / injectors / and fuel pump are all the same.

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