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TiAL MVI 2.5 Compact Internal Wastegate Actuator

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Tial MVI 2.5 Compact Internal Wastegate Actuator

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Tial MVI 2.5 Compact Internal Wastegate Actuator

The TiAL MVI 2.5 Compact Internal Wastegate Actuator Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Turbo

The MVI 2.5 unit is TiAL’s compact wastegate actuator standing only 2.2” in height without fittings and actuator rod. This compact design makes it easier for installations involving confined spaces. This is TiAL’s new line of fully configurable internal wastegate actuators.

For turbo applications with internal wastegates such as the TiAL IWG series housing and TiAL Alpha turbo systems. This wastegate actuator is also designed as a more robust, more reliable replacement for OEM parts. Like all TiAL parts, billet construction means they are stronger and more durable than a stock actuator. TiAL’s focus on performance means boost comes on faster and hold on longer so in some applications you’ll actually gain power from changing the wastegate alone, for example when you’re changing out a stock wastegate actuator that leaks. See the wastegate spring chart below for reference.

TiAL MVI 2.5 Compact Internal Wastegate Actuator


  • Compact actuator body with multiple spring options available.
  • High-temperature silicone Nomex reinforced actuator diaphragm.
  • 17-7 PH Stainless Steel actuator spring gives consistent pressure at high temperature and resists “relaxing” up to 900F (483C).
  • Internal components are anodized for corrosion resistance.
  • Color anodized aluminum actuator body (Silver, Red, Black, Blue).
  • Ultra-compact design fits in very tight spaces.
  • Base spring pressure available from 4 psi to 22 psi•Stable boost control
  • Improved boost response
  • Flatter boost curve in the top end
  • High-temperature silicone Nomex reinforced actuator diaphragm
  • Body components are CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum alloy
  • Stainless steel rod for corrosion resistance
  • Locking cap design allows for quick spring changes
  • Color anodized aluminum actuator (Silver, Black)
  • Made in the USA

What Is In The Box?

Included with every TiAL MVI 2.5:

  • MVI 2.5 assembly with specified spring pressure
  • M8 x 1 straight banjo air fitting
  • M8 x 1 air port plug with aluminum sealing washer
  • Specified actuator rod
  • 1/4 x 28 bolts for mating to actuator bracket

Wastegate Spring Chart

tial MVI Spring Chart


MVI 2.5 Option
Colors Black, Silver
Spring Pressures .13bar to 1.5bar (2psi to 22psi) – Specified at order
Actuator Rod Straight & Bent
Thread Top Air Ports (2): M8 x 1.0

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