The Times They Are A Changin’ – Etown Raceway Park Drag strip closes

Etown Road Course

My newsfeed has been filled with posts regarding the closure of Old Bridge Township’s (Englishtown) Raceway Park Drag Strip. And almost 11,000 people signed this Petition to save the drag strip. This comes on the heels of the news that California is NOT closing irwindale after everyone thought it was doomed.

We dont know what will happen at Etown but the situation looks bleak for the drag strip. I empathize with all the racers and fans who are bummed.. Full-Race was started out of a passion for racing at this facility, I have many memories of that parking lot and staging lanes. It’s sad to lose a storied part of your past/present/future.

But there is a silver lining — the road course/drift track remains open for business. I believe this is a massive win and really an underutilized asset. While we dont know what will happen with the dragstrip, the road course is begging for some love. Swap a smaller more responsive turbo, learn to turn, dial in brakes, suspension and tires. Focus on tweaking weight distribution and aero… you might find its a lot of fun to turn your drag car into a road race car. I hope to see you there in my red evo8 or our focus RS

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