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Full-Race FReak-O-Boost gen2

SEMA Ford F-150 3.5L EcoBoost to FReak-O-Boost Conversion

“We’ve heard our customers loud and clear. They want a new generation of vehicles that are incredibly capable, yet fun to drive… even tougher, even smarter and even more capable than ever.” — Mark Fields, Ford CEO

This article will take you through the journey of our build and hopefully inspire other F-150 and Raptor owners to build their own trucks.  We teamed up with the top partners in our industry to try and shorten the learning curve and help you make good decisions as you create your dream build.

Build Theme: FreakOBoost® by Full-Race represents the next generation of F-150 EcoBoost performance and capability. Built entirely with off-the-shelf USA made aftermarket bolt-on parts, FreakOBoost F-150 is a massively capable multi-purpose machine. Drawing upon our extensive EcoBoost experience, the 2018 FreakOBoost is an evolution of our award winning FreakOBoost F-150 concept, highlighting the 2nd generation of Ford’s 3.5L EcoBoost powertrain along with Full-Race’s 2nd generation EcoBoost performance parts.

A. Base Vehicle – Start Here to Build Your Own Ford Truck:


  • 2018 Ford F-150 XLT 4×4
  • 3.5L Gen2 EcoBoost engine
  • 10-Speed 10R80 Automatic 4WD Transmission
  • Cab: Supercab
  • Box: 6 1/2 ‘
  • Select: XLT -> Configure
  • Paint Type -> Ingot Silver
  • Package 301A
  • XLT Sport Appearance Package
  • 3.5L V6 EcoBoost
  • 10 Speed Transmission
  • 4×4

B. Engine Modifications: Designed and built in the USA by people who care – for trucks that perform in the most demanding conditions, Full-Race builds are best known for our powertrain innovation. Our 2017-2019 F150 Performance Upgrades define the new school of ecoboost performance.

  • Full-Race Intercooler Kit

  • Full-Race Charge Pipes

  • Full-Race 3″ Cat-back Exhaust

  • Full-Race 3″ Downpipe

  • Full-Race Twin Turbo Upgrade

  • Full-Race Raptor Radiator Upgrade

  • Full-Race Transmission Oil Cooler

  • Full-Race Oil Catch Can

  • Full-Race Throttle Body Spacer

  • Full-Race Cold Air Intake

C. Suspension Modifications: This is where things got tricky.  The Freak-O-Boost build involved swapping our F150, fully converted to 17+ Raptor suspension – longer travel and wider control arms and axles.  Being that these are both F150s, the 17+ Raptor arms, axles, leaf springs and bumpstop kit were all direct fit.  However the shock length for F150 is shorter than 17+ Raptor.  ICON’s solution was flawless – using 2011-2014 Raptor shocks, everything fit perfectly.  Literally perfect.  Like factory, just way better.  The first moment behind the wheel it was clear this setup WORKS really, really well.  After spending many hours in different vehicles with different suspensions, I wholeheartedly recommend the ICON 3″ setup, with their leaf spring, air bump kit, and Delta Joint UCA.  The end result is truly second to none.  

Wheels & Tires: Wheel and tire size is a hotly contested topic.  We were dead set on the Maxxis RAZR MT in 37″ size – but the question of which wheel size was a big debate for our team.  Previously, we used 20″ wheels on the first F150 due to our desire to run massive brakes.  However, that 20″ wheel and tire combo did not work as well as 17″ in the dirt, and the thinner sidewall does not have the same aggressive aesthetic.  We pulled the trigger on 17″ ICON Compressions, and the first chance we had to put them on the truck it was love at first sight.

D. Drivetrain Modifications – Turning 37″ Rubber on a truck that came stock with 31″ tires requires a regear.  The Raptor uses a 4.10 ratio and 35″ tires, people typically upgrade to 4.56 when going to 37″.  Because we wanted maximum lowend, and with the 10speed transmissions capability our partners at Yukon Gear agreed that 4.88 makes sense to step up to and maintain as much lowend torque as possible and not bog the engine down

E. Exterior – This is a SEMA build, therefore it has to POP and be in-your-face to get any attention.  Wrap Sesh in Arizona applied a gorgeous Avery Dennison Supreme Orange wrap to Fiberwerx Widebody fenders, providing the clearance needed for our 37″ tires and widened suspension. We went all out with an aggressive frame chop bumper from ROGUE racing and their rear enforcer bumper kit.  An Undercover Ridgelander tonneau cover with MTB racks, carried our precious cargo while Decked created the storage system to fill out our 6.5′ bed

F. Lights – Morimoto’s headlights looked stunning on this truck.  They use a gorgeous light-up sequence from Bugatti, and really helped to make the front end look even more aggressive.  Rigid Industries LED lights and lightbar worked perfectly in the Rogue bumper.  Controlling all of this via Switch Pros SP-9100 Bezel was a huge advantage.  Time savings and clean integration of top quality lighting were taken to another level.  The SP-9100 also happens to fit the OEM F-150 dashboard like it was factory.  I dont know if this was a coincidence or not, but this setup works.  Flawlessly.

G. Interior – Katzkin created a custom leather interior for our truck, using the orange and blue theme.  SCT BDX Tuner works to access the calibration and maps.  

H. Bikes – not part of the build, but we have a real passion for hardcore mountain bikes.  Dave Weagle at TRUST Performance / DW-Link hooked us up with the 2 sickest bikes in the entire SEMA show hall


The final result was a success.  We were parked in the center of the Ford SEMA booth and had great attention all week.  Many F-150 enthusiasts stopped by to chat and learn about the build.  We have much much more in store for this build in 2019, so stay tuned to these pages!


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