DEI Onyx Series | Turbo Shield / Heat Management Kit

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The DEI Onyx Series Turbo Shield / Heat Management Kit Help Protect Your Car

Turbo heat shields solve the problem of extreme underhood heat, stopping heat damage of painted or carbon fiber hoods and helping turbos spool faster. DEI recognized the need for new turbo shield applications and now offers turbo shields in the smaller turbo sizes.

Unlike cheap, knock-off copies, DEI's turbo shields use an exclusive combination of premium heat-resistant textiles and newly designed stainless steel attachment anchors. DEI turbo shields are used to maintain a more consistent temperature in the turbo, increasing efficiency and decreasing turbo lag. In addition to Garrett brand turbo housings, the ONYX Series™ Turbo Shields will fit several other popular turbo brands including BorgWarner, MHI, Precision, and others. 


  • Strong riveted anchors to secure shield
  • Black carbon fiber look
  • Ultimate thermal barrier reduces turbo lag
  • Double reinforced seams inside & outside
  • Available as shield only or in a kit

Available Sizes

  • T25/T28 shield
  • T3 shield
  • T4 shield
  • T6 shield

Each Kit includes

  • 1 - Turbo shield
  • 1 - 2in x 15ft roll of black wrap
  • 2 - 20in stainless steel locking ties
  • 1 - 5ft roll of fastening wire

DEI Onyx Series

Measuring Your Turbo Size

This listing is for a T4 turbo shield, but other sizes are available by request. DEI turbo shield sizes are based on two basic measurements. The first measurement is the circumference of the turbo not including the flange. The second measurement is the width of the turbo at its widest point not including the flanges. After measuring, refer to the chart below to find the correct shield. Our T22 and T25/28 shields are designed for use on internally gated housings. They will have a cutout in the wastegate area to allow for tight fitment.

T22  15″ 2.25″
T25/28 15″ – 16″ 2.5″
T3 15″ – 16″ 2.5″
T4 20″ – 22″ 2.75″
T6 26″ 3.75″

If you have any questions about this product or its installation, contact us

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