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BorgWarner EFR Aluminum CHRA Clamp Plate Kit

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BorgWarner EFR Aluminum CHRA Clamp Plate Kit

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BorgWarner EFR Aluminum CHRA Clamp Plate Kit

Tighten Your BorgWarner B2 EFR Turbo Housing Down With an Aluminum CHRA Clamp Plate Kit

BorgWarner is known for its turbo products. But in order to get those snails snugged up just right, one must first have the appropriate hardware. This aluminum bearing housing clamp plate kit provides everything you need to create a super snug CHRA turbine housing connection for your B2 turbo.

With its stainless steel ring, cross-drilled ARP hardware, and precision-formed housing plates, the risks involved with over-torquing a clamp and deforming an expensive portion of your turbo is no longer a concern. This kit is also a required component if you plan on integrating one of BorgWarner's 1.45 A/R EFR turbine housing into the equation.

So if you plan on upgrading to a B2 EFR turbo from BorgWarner, or are looking to slap a beastly twin-scroll 1.45 A/R EFR turbine housing on your build, then you will need to seriously consider this CHRA clamp plate kit. It's an inexpensive addition that will provide you and your BorgWarner EFR turbo system with unparalleled fitment and peace of mind for years to come.

Note: Intended to be used exclusively with BorgWarner B2 frame turbos (7064, 7670, 8374, 8474, 9174, 9274, 9180, and 9280).

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