Toyota 3S-GTE Twin Scroll T4 Turbo Manifold


Toyota 3S-GTE Twin Scroll T4 Turbo Manifold

Toyota 3SGTE Twin Scroll T4 EWG Turbo Manifold

Full-Race is proud to release the Twin Scroll T4 Turbo Manifold for the 3SGTE. This manifold is designed to produce the ideal power band for 400-800whp applications. Effectively optimizing flow and back pressure with any T4 Twin Scroll turbo from Garrett, BorgWarner, Precision, or Xona Rotor.

This manifold can be made for second (1990–1993) or third (1994-1999) generation 3SGTE engine configurations


Key Design Features:

  • Engineered using advanced CFD software and analysis
  • Precision Fabricated from thick wall stainless steel
  • Robotically TIG welded construction
  • CNC Ported head flange
  • Sealing surfaces machined flat ensuring a leak free seal
  • Made In The USA

Install Photos:

toyota-celica-mr2-3sgte-efr-ewg-twin-scroll-turbo-manifold-content-1 toyota-celica-mr2-3sgte-efr-ewg-twin-scroll-turbo-manifold-content-3 toyota-celica-mr2-3sgte-efr-ewg-twin-scroll-turbo-manifold-content-4

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