Toyota 2JZ-GTE Twin Scroll T4 EWG Turbo Manifold


Toyota 2JZ-GTE Twin Scroll T4 External Wastegate Turbo Manifold

Toyota 2JZGTE Twin Scroll T4 Turbo Manifold

Full-Race's Twin Scroll T4 Turbo Manifold for the 2JZGTE engine is one of our longest running turbo manifolds.  Designed to produce a broad power band for 500-800+whp applications, this header fits MK4 Supra and many other swapped chassis applications (BRZ/FT86, 240SX, BMW and more). Effectively optimizing flow and back pressure, Full-Race engineers recommend that you use this manifold with a divided tangential "Twin Scroll" turbine housing. Garrett, Precision, or Borg Warner EFR or SX-E are the recommend twin scroll turbos to use with this manifold.  The head flange is notched for easier bolt clearance upon installation. 

2JZ-GTE Twinscroll Exhaust Manifold Features:

  • Twin scroll merge collector creates a turbulent free area for the exhaust gasses to enter the turbine housing in even pulses at high velocities and low pressure drops
  • Robotically TIG welded for ultimate strength and longevity
  • Collector placement allows the use of dual TiAL MVR (44mm) wastegates to maintain accurate boost control
  • Flange surfaces machined flat for a leak free seal
  • Full-Race 1 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA



Application Notes:

  • LHD and RHD compatible.  Can also fit swapped chassis such as S13/S14/S15, BMW, and FRS/BRZ/FT86.  
  • GT45 requires 5" inlet compressor housing (Not compatible with 6" inlet.)  GTX45 not compatible.
  • If you are targetting a high HP level, use the GT42 size compressor cover  Click here to check out the GT45 with a 5" compact compressor inlet option, or click here to check out the GTX45 with a 5" compact compressor inlet option.  
  • Recommended to use a 2JZGE water neck from a non-turbo Supra, SC300, GS300, or IS300.
  • Results with undivided housings can be very good but do not utilize the entire pulse energy so it is recommended to use T4 divided turbo with this setup.

Installed Photos:

Evans-Tuning Supra testing the Full-Race 2JZGTE T4 Twin Scroll Turbo Manifold + S400SX on pump gas at 20psi boost.


Secret Service Auto built this 2JZ GTE Supra equipped with a Full-Race 2JZGTE T4 Twin Scroll Turbo Manifold, for over 1000 HP.

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