Injector Dynamics ID1700X Injectors


Injector Dynamics ID1700X Injectors

Injector Dynamics ID1700X Injector

**Please do NOT purchase single or partial quantity replacement injectors for an existing set, as they will not be flow matched and can cause drivibility issues or damage your engine. If you think an injector needs to be replaced, you must first follow this cleaining procedure through ID for your existing injector set, found here - **
The ID1700x is the latest generation fuel injector from the partnership of Injector Dynamics and Bosch Motorsport. The ID1700x was designed to fill the gap between the ID1300x and the ID2000.  Like the ID1300x, it features corrosion resistant internals making it compatible with all known automotive fuels.  A unique magnetic circuit, resulting from a lengthy development program, makes the ID1700x immune to voltage and pressure sensitivity problems that plague other high impedance high flow injectors. The ID1700x excels at high pressures typical of current automotive systems, and will perform flawlessly in these applications.

The ID1700x was designed to be an all fuel compatible injector, capable of very high flow rates. As such, it will most often be used to deliver E85 to boosted engines, or occasionally, gasoline in extreme high horsepower applications. Neither of these applications requires extended linearity at low flow rates, and so this was given a proportionately lower priority during the design process.

The ID1700x will deliver flawless stoichiometric idle and cruise mixtures on E85, but like the ID2000, should not be expected to do so on gasoline.


Nominal Flow Rate – 1725cc/min @ 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi) Using Iso-Octane at 52 Degrees C (125 Degrees F)
Maximum Differential Fuel Pressure – 7.0 Bar (101.5 psi)
Fuel Compatibility – Compatible with Methanol/Ethanol/All Known Hydrocarbon Fuels.
Electrical Connector – USCAR

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