Full Race 4 Port MAC Boost Control Solenoid

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Full-Race 4 Port MAC Boost Control Solenoid

Our 4-port boost control solenoid valve is designed to target a clearly defined boost curve and improve boost responses, and in some cases with a soft WG spring—quicker spool. The 4-port design works equally well in low boost applications and high boost. This differs from a traditional 3-port BCSV because it precisely directs pressure to the open and close ports of your wastegate diaphragm. This allows much lower wastegate spring pressure for better low gear boost control and perfect high gear, high boost control.

  • MAC Part number – 46A-AA1-JDBA-1BA


  • A soft waste-gate spring will enable much higher boost levels
  • Better spool-up and mid-range power
  • Better duty cycle control
  • The solenoid is normally closed so that on failure you will run off the waste-gate spring only – to prevent over-boosting.
  • 1/8th NPT fittings


  • Ideal for use in sealed Dual Port Internal WG applications, Internal or External
  • Hondata S300, K-Pro or Flashpro
  • Cobb Tuning AccessPort
  • All PWM modulated standalone and piggyback ECUs will support this 4 port BCSV!

Note: 4 Port MAC Boost Control Solenoid must be mounted upside down on B2 EFR frames. This allows the exhaust port to point towards the wastegate nipple. Use our mounting bracket

Wastegate Options

Optional Upgrades

Note: If you are upgrading from a 3 port solenoid, the boost control tables will need re-tuning.  4port solenoids require small duty changes, so dial down the PID tables (single-digit numbers) so it is not over-reactive.

If you have questions about this product or its installation, contact us.

Product Name Full Race 4 Port MAC Boost Control Solenoid
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