Full-Race 9th Gen Civic Si V-band Exhaust System

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Full-Race 9th Gen Civic Si V-band Exhaust System Provides Maximum Performance

One of the best upgrades you can do to your Honda Civic Si is the exhaust. This high-flowing, yet remarkably quiet hand-made 3″ V-Band cat-back exhaust system will extract maximum performance from all motor (NA) and boosted applications of Honda Civic Si models.

Our legendary cat-back exhaust system pairs perfectly with our upgraded all motor downpipes, as well as our turbo kits Full-Race EFR Turbo Kit for the 9th Gen Civic Si. If you want to take your 9th Gen Honda Civic Si to the next level, Full-Race has everything you could need, and you can start with this upgraded exhaust system to help your car get the most out of its engine. 


  • 2012-2015 Honda Civic Si 2-Door Coupe
  • 2012-2015 Honda Civic Si 4-Door Sedan

Full-Race 9th Gen Civic Si V-band Exhaust System fully installed on a car.

Honda 9th Gen Civic Si 3″ Exhaust System Features

  • 3″ Catback Exhaust System
  • Excellent fit and sound quality
  • Includes all gaskets and hardware necessary for installation
  • Compatible with all motor, supercharged, or turbocharged K24 engines
  • Plenty of clearance for various suspension components and chassis
  • This exhaust system is revised to be compatible with all-year 9th gen Civic Si
  • Decreases spool time and increases overall power on turbo applications

Application and Installation Notes

  • All models may require slight bending or modification of rear heat shielding during install
  • Gasket supplied is for use with aftermarket downpipe. If using OEM downpipe, reuse OEM crush gasket or replace with new
  • During installation, inspect to ensure there is no interference or contact.
  • Typically OEM exhaust hangers sag they wear out and allow for unwanted movement of the exhaust as they’re made from soft rubber, which can cause fitment issues. Torque Solution 12-15 Civic Exhaust Mount Kit is the recommended option for replacement.
  • Lowered vehicles may have issues with the rear spring contacting the exhaust. Use Torque Solution 12-15 Civic Exhaust Mount Kit to keep the exhaust in position without contact and prevent rattling.

Full-Race Exhaust Install Guide

Installing the Full-Race 9th Gen Civic Si V-band Exhaust System on your car can be performed with typical tools found in your everyday garage, but it does take some mechanical ability and knowledge. The video above goes through the process step-by-step to show you exactly how to install the exhaust system on your car. If you have additional questions or concerns about the installation process, please contact us

Full-Race 9th Gen Turbo Kit and 3″ Exhaust System

The goal of the Full-Race 9th Gen Civic Si V-band Exhaust System is to improve performance and increase power. The best way to test that is to take your car to a dyno and have it tested before and after the install. In the video above, you can see a car on the dyno with the exhaust system installed. 

Full-Race Exhaust Sound Clips

The Full-Race 9th Gen Civic Si V-band Exhaust System has been designed to be quiet at idle and low-range and sonorous as you get on the throttle. The video above demonstrates the sound of the exhaust as the car starts up, and takes off. It's a good indicator of what you can expect with this exhaust system installed on your Civic Si. 

Full-Race 9th Gen Civic Si V-band Exhaust System

Customer Testimonial

"Customer service was beyond perfect at Full-race. Technical support (Geoff) was awesome, he explained and answered all my questions about fitment. Corell, in sales, gave the absolute best customer service I had ever received from a vendor. I had millions of questions but he answered all of them without hesitation. My experience installing the exhaust was incredible, everything fit like a glove. This exhaust was the best after-market exhaust I had ever installed. Me and my friend were absolutely astonished at how perfectly the exhaust had fit. It was simply one of the easiest and stress-free installs that I had to work with. Overall the process took about an hour. The hardest part was actually taking the OEM exhaust off the car. I will purchase a downpipe from them in the future and hopefully a turbo kit. Thanks again guys and great work!"

-Doug Y, 2014 Civic Si (4-door Sedan)

If you have questions about this product or its installation, contact us

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