FK8 Honda Civic Type R G-Series Turbo Kit

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Improve 10th Gen Honda FK8 Civic Type R Performance With The G-Series Turbo Kit

Our 10th Gen Honda FK8 Civic Type R G Series Turbo kit was engineered and designed as a complete bolt-on installation that extracts the most possible performance from the turbocharged Honda K20C1 engine and easily adapts to multiple forms of driving from time attack battles, drag racing, road racing, autocross, and more. The proven Full-Race design delivers a turbo kit that spools like stock at light throttle and boosts unmistakably like a turbo Honda at WOT. Completely civilized when you want it, and a monster when you need it.

We use the world’s best turbo technology in combination with our proven design and fabrication skills to achieve a faster spool with a broader and more usable powerband than any comparable FK8 CTR turbo setup on the market. This kit has been rigorously torture-tested on road racing circuits, drag strips, dyno, and daily driving.

We’ve used our 15+ years of experience building world-class Honda turbo kits to fine-tune this kit to be an exceptionally responsive turbo system that’s easy to install and performs flawlessly. Additionally, if you ever want to revert back to stock, the kit can be easily removed, as no permanent modifications are required. Below is a conservative and safe tune using a Hondata Basemap that is included with FlashPro tuning software.

FK8 Honda Civic Type R G-Series Turbo Kit installed on a car.

Electronic Wastegate Control

The 2.0-liter engine’s ability to electronically control boost (wastegate position) is extremely important to the overall vehicle performance. Each component of this kit was engineered to compliment and retain OEM electronic wastegate actuator and torque strategies—not hacking or compromising the control system that makes this car so good. It may not sound like a big deal on internet forums where dump tubes and external wastegates are the norms, but electronic wastegate actuators have proven to be more consistent and far more precise than mechanical wastegates and spring pressure adjustments could ever be.

FK8 Honda Civic Type r G-Series Turbo Kit electronic wastegate control

We have worked extensively with Hondata and MHI (OE Turbo Supplier to Honda) to retain this OEM electronic wastegate control, making tuning and setup a breeze on all stock ECU-based tuning programs. Hondata base maps are available. Stand-alone tuning is also possible if that’s your preference. Our customers have pushed the stock Civic Type R engine to 550whp with this kit, and 4Piston has made well over 800whp with our FK8 Turbo Kit using a Motec ECU.

FK8 Honda Civic Type R G-Series Turbo Kit dyno numbers with Hondata's Fuel System installed.

FK8 Civic Type R G-Series Dyno Numbers with Hondata’s Fuel System

Key Design Features

  • 100% v-band connections for Turbo and Manifold for the most un-restrictive exhaust flow and ease of maintenance and installation
  • Fully retained OEM electronic wastegate actuator (more precise, more consistent than external wastegates)
  • 3.5″ oversized MAF intake and airbox (Hondata MAF scaling available in FlashPro Manager)
  • 3″ G Series v-band downpipe
  • Billet aluminum oil and water fittings
  • Full-Race charge piping, couplers, and clamps
  • Can be used with OEM intercooler and charge pipes or Full-Race intercooler kit
  • Optional 2000 degree ceramic coating is recommended

Civic Type R Turbo Kit Components

    • Manifold
    • Down Pipe
    • G Series Turbo
    • Intercooler Pipes
    • Air Box (Will require one hole drilled for M6 Bolt done upon installation)
    • Intake pipes
  • Turbo Kit Box (Hardware)
    • Manifold Hardware
    • G Series V-Band Inlet Clamp
    • Downpipe Hardware
    • G Series V-Band Clamp
    • (3) 3/8×16 Hex Nut
    • (3) 3/8 Lock Washer
    • (3) 3/8 16×1.5 Hex Bolt
  • Oil Feed Line
    • -4 AN Straight To -4 90 Degree Stainless Line (14.5”)
    • CTR Oil Feed Line Fitting w/ O-Ring
    • 1/8”NPT to -4AN Straight Fitting
  • Oil Return Line
    • -10 AN Twist-Lok Straight Hose End
    • -10 AN to 1/2” 45 Degree  Male Connector
    • G Series Drain Flange
    • G Series Drain Gasket
    • M8x20  Socket Cap Screw
    • 24”  5/8” ID Push On Hose Black
    • 11/16 Hose Clamps
  • Coolant Line
    • M14-8AN Male Straight
    • 14MM Crush Washers
    • -8 AN 90 Degree Push-lock
    • ½” Hose Clamp
    • 60” ½”ID Jiffy Push On Hose Black
  • Couplers
    • 2” x 2” 90 Degree Black Coupler
    • 2.5” x3 ” 90 Degree Black Coupler
    • 3”x 3.5” Straight Transition Black Coupler
    • 2” x 2.5” Straight Transition Coupler (Stock Intercooler Only)
    • (3) 2” T-Bolt Clamp
    • (3) 2.5” T-Bolt Clamp (Only 2 If Using FR Intercooler)
    • (2) 3” T-Bolt Clamp
    • (1) 3.5” T-Bolt Clamp
    • Electronic Wastegate Hardware
    • Electronic Wastegate Bracket
    • (1) CTR Electronic Wastegate Linkage Kit
  • Misc
    • (1) Anti Seize Packet
    • (1) 3.5” Air Filter
    • (1) M6 Flanged Nut
    • (1) M6-1.0×16 Hex Bolt
    • (1) 6” x 24” Gold Foil


To install this turbo kit, follow this guide. You'll find all steps needed to install the kit, however, if you have any trouble along the way contact one of our turbo experts.  

Honda FK8 Civic Type-R Turbo Kit Options and Upgrades

Intercooler Upgrade

FK8 Honda Civic Type R Intercooler upgrade

The stock intercooler of the CTR is known to become heat-soaked even during normal driving. Because of this, we highly recommend upgrading to the Full-Race Honda FK8 Civic Type R Intercooler Kit.

Radiator Upgrade

Radiator Upgrade FK8 Honda Civic Type R

Turbocharged engines make a lot of heat and the CTR is no exception to this rule. Because of this, we highly recommend drivers upgrade their radiator to the Full-Race Honda FK8 Civic Type R Radiator

Hondata Fuel System Upgrade

Hondata Fuel System Upgrade

Your CTR can only use the fuel that's pumped into the engine. Once you upgrade your car in almost any way, you're going to be close to tapping out the stock fuel system. The Hondata FK8 Civic Type R Fuel System Upgrade will help your engine get the fuel it needs. 

Hasport Full Motor Mount Kit

Hasport full motor mount kit for the Honda Civic Type R FK8

Improved traction and handling with the Hasport Full Motor Mount Kit. This kit is designed to be a bolt-on replacement to the stock motor mounts but offers improved materials. This kit offers BULLETPROOF Kevlar-infused polyurethane bushings. You can also just buy the Hasport Motor Mount if you don't want the full kit. 

If you have questions about this kit or any other products listed or would like to speak to someone about its installation, please contact us.

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