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Garrett GVW-50 Wastegate Kit 50mm


50mm Garrett GVW-50 Wastegate Kit Maximizes Flow and Optimizes Boost Control For High Power Turbocharged Engines

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50mm Garrett GVW-50 Wastegate Kit Maximizes Flow and Optimizes Boost Control For High Power Turbocharged Engines

50mm Garrett GVW-50 Wastegate Kit Maximizes Flow and Optimizes Boost Control For High Power Turbocharged Engines

Garrett's GVW-50 provides turbo enthusiasts with the best possible way to control extreme boost levels and combat boost creep in any racing turbocharger. This 50mm wastegate efficiently vents exhaust gasses around the turbine to regulate precise turbocharger shaft speeds while keeping backpressure to a minimum. Note: 50mm is ideal for high RPM or large displacement engines to avoid boost creep.

The GVW-50 kit has been CFD tested and is proven to deliver maximum flow, thermal efficiency, and superior durability. Made from high-temp stainless steel, this wastegate is rated for maximum exhaust temperatures of up to 1050 degrees C.

Garrett's GVW-50 is no simple wastegate. Garrett engineers spent over a year designing the perfect wastegate. A project that was supposed to take a few months, ended up absorbing a whole team's time for a year, and the end result is nothing short of remarkable. The GVW wastegates (GVW-40, GVW-45, and GVW-50) provide 5% more flow than any competitor and complete consistency at high temperatures whether you're drag racing or endurance racing. 

When shipped, the GVW-50 is set to 1 bar (14.5 psi) but it is configurable and can be set anywhere from 0.2 bar (2.9 psi) to 1.7 bar (24.7 psi). It also comes with everything you need to do the installation, including fasteners, springs, fittings, v-bands, clamps, and flanges. With the GVW-50, you'll be ready to race and win, without overboosting.

Technology & Features

  • CFD tested for maximum flow and thermal efficiency
  • Superb reliability thanks to optimized actuation stability and temperature resistance
  • Bushing components are fully-replaceable, increasing service life
  • Easy Nomex diaphragm replacement
  • Watercooled actuator ports (optional)

Mechanical Specs

  • Valve diameter: 50mm
  • Valve mass: | 55oz
  • Maximum spring base pressure: 1.7 bar | 25 psi (1:1 backpressure ratio)
  • Minimum spring base pressure: 0.2 bar| 3 psi (1:1 backpressure ratio)
  • Port fitting, air: M10x1.0 to hose barb (Hose ID 6mm | .25in)
  • Port fitting, liquid: M8x1.0 to AN-3

Material Specs

  • Valve housing: high-temp stainless steel rated up to 1050 degrees C
  • Diaphragm: high-temp Nomex reinforced elastomer
  • Actuator cover: fully-machined anodized 6061 aluminum
  • Valve guide/bushing: Nitronic 60
  • Valve: high-temp stainless steel with plated stem
  • V-band: CNC machined 304 stainless steel
  • Flanges: full-machined 304 stainless steel
  • Springs: 17/7 PH stainless steel

Thermal Specs

  • Maximum Exhaust Gas Temperature, peak: up to 1050 degrees C
    Maximum thermal stress (non-cooled): 270 degrees C actuator body temperature during thermal cycle testing
    Maximum thermal stress (watercooled): 130 degrees C body temp during thermal cycle testing

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