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TiAL Q 50mm Blow Off Valve


TiAL Q 50mm Blow Off Valve with Full Race logo

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TiAL Q 50mm Blow Off Valve with Full Race logo

Improve Long-Term Reliability of Your Turbo With TiAL Q 50mm Blow Off Valve Tial’s Q is the latest generation of TiAL blow off valve. This is the highest flowing blow-off valve on the market. It’s offered with a variety of springs for different vacuum levels and a special spring specifically for supercharged vehicles.  The Q bolts right up to any standard TiAL or similar blow off valve flange, allowing you to upgrade without having to re-weld a charge pipe. Through countless hours of R&D, TiAL was able to make the same size valve flow a staggering 60% more than the original design! This is one of the highest quality and most durable/proven VTA BOV designs. *NOTE: Full-Race recommends soft spring pressures when Journal Bearing turbos are used – due to the thrust bearing configuration* TiAL Q Blow Off Valve Specs

For use on turbo-charged and super-charged applications (Paxton, Vortec, etc.). The body and all internal components are CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum alloy. It features a large 1.98 in (50.5mm) valve. The V-Band design aluminum mounting clamp gives a very clean and unique appearance. The clamp uses Stainless Steel hardware for a long-lasting, corrosion-free appearance. The valve seal utilizes a Viton O-ring that is clamped in place to prevent the possibility of sticking to the seat and pulling out. The valve stem and guide are Teflon-lubricated and hard anodize-coated for wear resistance. The blow off valve also comes with our own machined aluminum banjo-type air fitting and bolt, with over sized 10mm hose barb for quick actuator response. The actuator has a high temp silicone Nomex-reinforced diaphragm for long life. An aluminum or mild steel weld base mounting flange is furnished with each unit. Stainless Steel is available at an additional cost. The use of 6061 aluminum allows the housing to be anodized with a selection of colors. Through countless hours of R&D, we were able to make the same size valve flow a staggering 60% more than the original design—that means 60% more air is blown off per cycle! This is the highest flowing BOV on the market. Color anodized aluminum options (Silver, Red, Blue, Purple, Black). A single Q BOV can support up to 1,800hp. It offers a -2psi spring for supercharged applications.

Included with every Tial Q Blow Off Valve:

TiAL Q BOV Assembly TiAL V-band Clamp V-band Weld Flange TiAL Air Fitting High-Pressure O-ring

Available Colors

Silver Black Red Purple Blue

TiAL V-Band Clamp

TiAL Designed V-Band Clamps are manufactured in-house. CNC machined aluminum clamps ensure a secure and pressure-tight fit.






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