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Garett | 4.5" Intercooler Core

SKU 4.5-Garrett-CORE

Garett | 4.5" Intercooler Core

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Garett | 4.5" Intercooler Core

Garrett Bar and Plate Intercooler Core 4.5" Thick

Turbo By Garrett Intercooler

Garrett Advancing Motion Intercooler Cores

Charge Air Coolers

Utilizing advanced Aerospace technology, Garrett Intercoolers offer superior fatigue protection for the high boost pressures and temperatures of today's extreme engines.  With over 75 years of charge air cooler experience, Garrett remains ahead of the industry in intercooler design and function making it the number one choice for some of the premier names in the performance car industry - Roush, Saleen, Mercedes-Benz AMG, Ford SVT, GM, and McLaren have all turned to Garrett to intercool their hottest models. Garrett now offers this expertise and quality to enthusiasts, in a full range of intercooler cores that are manufactured  in-house by Garrett technicians.  The Bar and Plate construction offers high performance in a compact design using high strength vacuum-brased aluminum alloys with advanced fin designs to ensure greater heat transfer effectiveness and durability.  From Air-to-Air cores sized for Sport Compact cars to Air-to-Water cores capable of supporting 1000+ horsepower, Garrett can provide optimum performance for nearly any application.

4.5" Thick - "Hot Flow Width" Intercooler Core Options

#703521-6003 w/ 10.0" L x 4.5" W x 12.3" H -- Rated at 375hp and Weighing 13.1lbs #703522-6008 w/ 18.0" L x 4.5" W x 11.2" H -- Rated at 750hp and Weighing 17.0lbs #703522-6004 w/ 18.0" L x 4.5" W x 12.1" H -- Rated at 785hp and Weighing 19.8lbs #703522-6005 w/ 24.0" L x 4.5" W x 12.1" H -- Rated at 950hp and Weighing 26.2lbs #848054-6003 w/ 22.0" L x 4.5" W x 14.0" H -- Rated at 1140hp and Weighing 26.4lbs    






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