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Honda CRX ProStreet EF Traction Bars


Honda CRX ProStreet EF Traction Bars

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Honda CRX ProStreet EF Traction Bars

Honda CRX ProStreet EF Traction Bars

Full-Race traction bars are designed for road, drag race, or daily driven street cars. This part is a must for every driver seeking to increase traction, lower 60 ft times, and eliminate wheel hop.


  • '88-'91 Honda CRX/Civic

Engine Compatibility:

  • Honda D-Series motors.
  • Honda B-Series motors with Hasport mounts.
  • Honda K-Series motors with Gen 1 Hasport mounts.

Application Notes:

  • Traction bars are designed for use with our radiators.
  • Stock radiator must be angled back for hood clearance.
  • Must use EG/EK/CD radiator mount bushings.
  • 1/2 sized Civic radiator can also be used, must be angled back for hood clearance as well.
  • Stock radiator mounting tabs must be relocated or removed prior to traction bar installation.
  • Full alignment is recommended after traction bar installation.
  • Traction bar install guide is available in the tech/install section on the website.

Full-Race uses the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology to aid in the design process. FEA (Finite Element Analysis) testing is performed on each part prior to manufacturing ensuring a high factor of safety. Next, a prototype based off the solid model design is tested on a vehicle. The entire process is reiterated until a proven, dependable part is produced.

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Key engineered features include:

  • Bolt on installation, no welding required.
  • Will accommodate large downpipes and or headers.
  • Designed with PERFECT suspension geometry, will not cause binding.
  • Aluminum knurled radius arms allow for quick and easy caster adjustment.
  • DOM crossbar is handcrafted and MIG welded.
  • Full Race Traction bars are CAD designed. They are engineered with a factor of safety (FOS) of 5, meaning they are 5 times stronger than they need to be.

Use these traction bars along with our custom designed 88-91 Civic/CRX radiator for a professional looking install. Our custom radiator is a "bolt on" affair with these traction bars. This is the only setup available that allows a 1/2 style radiator to be installed in this chassis with out modification to the car. With a 1/2 style radiator, you will be able to run a large header or even turbo setups very easily. Click here to view the radiator mentioned above


"I had my first Full-Race Traction Bar since 2006 and still with the car till to date, daily driven and occasional spirited driving. 2nd piece was installed in my other hatch year 2008 and still going strong. tracked it once and it put a grin in my face when one of the track instructors got so impressed about the car's handling. the 3rd one will be with me shortly while i wait the paint work completion of my project crx" -ef92b on Honda Tech






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