BorgWarner AirWerks S364 FMW 8776 Turbo - 1.10 A/R T4 Open Box

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BorgWarner S364 FMW - 64.5mm 8776 w/ 1.10 A/R T4 Divided Housing **Open Box**

This BorgWarner turbo is identical in terms of wheel and bearing configuration to the current S364SX-E 8776 but was a pre "SX-E" build before they were changed in name and received the new compressor cover with speed sensor port. It comes equipped with a 1.10 A/R T4 Twin Scroll Long Snout Turbine housing.

Utilizing the latest generation 64.5mm billet EFR compressor wheel aerodynamics with uprated 360-degree thrust assemblies, the all-new 'SX-Enhanced' turbos redefine performance and value for modern turbochargers. This proven design is packaged in a purpose-built SX-E compressor housing with a ported-shroud inlet and speed sensor port.

It is paired with traditional Airwerks 76mm inconel turbine and flexible housing options. The 64.5mm S300SX-E Turbo has smaller overall dimensions than the EFR8374 and higher airflow rates, which make this an excellent match for high-boost and high-power 64.5mm drag racing applications. Thermals are taken care of by an oil-cooled journal bearing only.  

BorgWarner FMW Turbo Features

  • Forged milled compressor wheels with Optimized compressor blade aerodynamics
  • All-new severe-duty 360-degree thrust bearing
  • Interchangeable with existing Airwerks turbine housings for plug-and-play upgrades

BorgWarner AirWerks S364 FMW 8776

Compressor Specifications

  • Compressor Type: Forged-Milled Wheel (FMW) Extended Tip
  • Compressor Wheel OD (Exducer): 87.37mm
  • Compressor Wheel Inducer: 64.5mm
  • Max Flow Rate: 85 lb/min
  • Max Recommended Turbo Shaft Speed: 122374 RPM
  • Compressor Housing Connections:
    • Inlet: 4.0" Hose Coupler
    • Outlet: 2.5" Hose Coupler

Compressor Map

S364 FMW 8776 compressor map

Turbine Specifications

  • Turbine Type: Inconel S300SX Turbine Wheel
  • Turbine Wheel OD: 76mm
  • Housing Material: D5S sandcast
  • Turbine Outlet: 3" Marmon OR Optional 3" V-Band

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