EcoBoost 2.3L 2.0L MZR Catch Can Vent Plate

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EcoBoost 2.3L 2.0L MZR Baffled Catch Can Vent Plate

Our Baffled Catch Can vent plate bolts to the engine block, replacing the plastic factory unit and prevents oil sludge from entering the intake system without restricting airflow. It will allow you to run a variety of different PCV and catch can configurations to suit your application.  Properly venting the crank case pressure is a critical component in high performance racing turbo applications - especially big turbo builds. The problem is elevated crankcase pressure will reduce energy transfer across the pistons' rings and causes oil burning/consumption issues.  As boost pressure and power levels increase, blowby and crankcase pressure also go up. The stock EcoBoost 2.0L and 2.3L engines use a plastic plate with single 3/8" vent for evacuating crankcase pressure. Our baffled PCV Plate uses the OEM hardware and gasket and adds (2) shrouded -10AN O-ring ports for proper high performance catch can installations.

Compatible with the following vehicles:
07-13 Mazdaspeed 3 MZR
06-07 Mazdaspeed 6 MZR
2013+ Ford Focus ST EcoBoost
2016+ Ford Focus RS EcoBoost
2015+ Ford Mustang EcoBoost
2013+ Ford Fusion EcoBoost
05-12 Ford Focus Duratec
02-08 Ford Fiesta Duratec
2006+ Ford Fusion Duratec

Installation of this product will vary depending on the specific engine/chassis and desired configuration of your car's PCV setup.  You may already be running a sealed catch can between the intake manifold and crank case, some may have the valve cover port vented to a VTA catch can, or a slash cut in the exhaust, or still connected to the turbo inlet pipe.  These slight differences will only affect the routing of various hoses, but it's important to familiarize yourself prior to installation.

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Product Name EcoBoost 2.3L 2.0L MZR Catch Can Vent Plate
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