TiAL BOV Spring for Tial Q & QR 50mm (priced individually)

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Genuine TiAL Blow-Off Valve Spring for the TiAL 50mm BOV (priced as single spring)

TiAL Blow Off Valve Springs are designed to work in all of their blow-off valve models including the BV 50mm, Alpha Q, Q, and QR valves. You should select the BOV spring pressure rating based on your engine’s vacuum reading at idle, once the engine has reached operating temperature. However, the pressure ratings will vary depending on the model blow-off valve you have, so please reference the chart below to ensure you are purchasing the correct spring for your application. *NOTE: Full-Race recommends soft spring pressures when Journal Bearing turbos are used – due to the thrust bearing configuration*

and QR Spring Ratings

tial-bov-spring-content-1 (1)

Alpha Q Spring Ratings


BV 50mm Spring Ratings

tial-bov-spring-content-1 (1)

Note: An extremely stiff rating BOV spring is not recommended for journal bearing turbos.

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Product Name TiAL BOV Spring for Tial Q & QR 50mm (priced individually)
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Brand TiAL Sport
Brands TiAL Sport
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