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BorgWarner AirWerks S360SX - 60mm S300SX 8376 Turbo

SKU 177272

BorgWarner 60mm S300SX 8375 aka S360SX (177272)

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BorgWarner 60mm S300SX 8375 aka S360SX (177272)

BorgWarner 60mm S300SX 8375 aka S360SX (177272)

For years, the S300SX 8375 was regarded as the best value in entry level journal bearing twin scroll turbos.  Using an extended tip 68 lb/min 7 blade compressor wheel and a 10 blade 75.9mm inconel turbine wheel (4340 shaft), this turbo is recommended for use in 450-550whp applications.

Available in 0.88 A/R T4 Single Scroll (Open Volute – Undivided), or 0.91, 1.00 and 1.10 A/R T4 Divided.  One of the smaller S300SX’s in the lineup this uses a 7-bladed Extended-Tip compressor wheel w/ 60mm inducer & 83mm exducer. 4″ inlet compressor housing with 3″ outlet. Comes with a 0.91 A/R Twinscroll T4 hsg standard but upgrading to a 1.00 A/R or 1.10 A/R T4 Twinscroll housing is recommended for boost levels above 25psi.  0.88 A/R T4 Singlescroll also available for undivided applications. Journal Bearing and Oil Cooled only (watercooling and Ball Bearing CHRA not applicable). Similar to a Twinscroll GT3582R with higher boost capabilities at a lower price.



Full-Race Recommends machining the BW/Airwerks turbocharger outlet and welding on a 3″ Vband flange in the Garrett 40R location. This allows the BW/Airwerks turbo to bolt up to ANY aftermarket Twinscroll T4 that would normally fit a T04Z, GT40R, T66, etc.







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