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K Series Vertical Flow Intercooler


K Series Vertical Flow Intercooler

This product is built to order with a 3 week build time. It will ship on or before February 27.

K Series Vertical Flow Intercooler

K Series Vertical Flow Intercooler

Featuring aerodynamic endtanks, Full-Race's innovative vertical-flow intercooler is designed for fast turbo spool, cold IATs (inlet air temperature) and the lowest possible pressure drop. Our latest intercooler design combines the ultra dense and highly efficient Bar & Plate intercooler core with the shortest charge piping possible for the K series engine and intake manifold in this chassis. Endtanks are optimized for low volume (fast spool) and high flow (big power) and are internally baffled to ensure equal charge distribution through the core for the coldest air possible.


Full-Race Honda K Series Vertical Flow Intercooler features:

  • Laser cut Full-Race Tag
  • 6"x23.5"x3.5" core supports up to 775whp
  • Tube and fin core design
  • Hand fabricated and professionally TIG welded endtanks, tabs and inlet/outlet pipes.
  • Top to Bottom flow design allows both hot and cold charge pipes to be run on the drivers side of the car.
  • Aluminum tabs on the core are available for ease of installation.
  • Charge pipes sold separately
  • Modification of the factory bumper beam is required for installation
  • Fits EG, EK, DC, DC5 and EP3







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