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Honda Acura Traction Balls: 2001-2011 Multiple Applications


Honda Acura Traction Balls: Fits 2001-2011 Civic Ex, DX, Si, Type R, DC5 RSX, CTR. Also fits 2001-2005 Civic, 2002-2006 CRV, 2003-2006 Element and more!

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Honda Acura Traction Balls: Fits 2001-2011 Civic Ex, DX, Si, Type R, DC5 RSX, CTR. Also fits 2001-2005 Civic, 2002-2006 CRV, 2003-2006 Element and more!

Honda | Acura Traction Balls: 2001-2011 Multiple Applications

Are you looking for more traction, reduced wheel hop and superior handling?  If so, then your vehicles rubber LCA (lower control arm) bushings are your enemy!

The factory compliance bushings are made of soft rubber and tend to be worn out on most vehicles around the 100k mile mark. When these bushings wear it causes drastic movement in the LCA in almost every direction resulting in toe and castor issues and leaves steering vague on corners as the forces compress the bushing in every direction. This causes noise, unpredictable handing, and wheel hop on hard acceleration and sounds like your wheel is shattering when you hit a bump or pothole in the road. While replacing these with new rubber or poly bushings is a great fix and can increase performance there is only one solution for those wanting the best performance possible: Full-Race Traction Balls

The concept of the Full-Race traction ball is simple: No sloppy movement guarantees correct suspension geometry resulting in increased traction, handling and braking performance. Traction balls stop LCA deflection with the use of high quality solid-mounted Heim joints. Uncompromised performance for the serious enthusiast.  

Honda FG/FA/FN/EP Civic & Acura DC5 RSX Traction Balls Fits:

  • Honda EP3 / Civic, Si and Type R (2001-2011)
  • Honda FG2 / FA2 / FN2 Civic Si and Civic Type R (2006-2011)
  • Acura DC5 RSX (2002-2006)
  • Honda CRV (2002-2006)
  • Honda Element (2003-2011)

Full-Race Traction Balls are precision CNC machined in the USA from 100% billet stainless steel to provide a long service life and perfectly consistent press fit. Traction balls are securely locked in place with double retaining clips at both the inner and outer mounting surfaces.


HOW TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN YOUR TRACTION BALLS: Traction balls use spherical bearings which are tight tolerance bearings. They require periodic cleaning and lubrication particularly in wet and dusty climates. All spherical bearings will make some form of noise with use, but most times more frequent noises are associated with a dirty bearing. The best way to clean and lubricate the bearing is to first wipe off the top and bottom of the spherical bearings including the misalignment spacers. We recommend using a dry lube spray with Teflon such as Tri-Flow or Lucas Oil "Tool Box Buddy". Simply spraying the top of the spherical bearings. Allow this to soak down into the bearing. We suggest moving the suspension slightly to allow the lubricant to fully penetrate. After about five minutes wipe the spherical bearings & spacers clean. You won't need to use much. Following these steps, your traction balls will last longer and stay quieter. Do not use harsh chemicals like brake cleaner to clean them as it will break down the Teflon liner. Also don't use a grease or non-drying lubricant as this will collect and hold onto dirt and wear the spherical bearings faster.


Customer Testimonials:

"Over the weekend I received and installed my set of Traction Balls and I am thoroughly impressed with both the product and the customer service. The components of the traction ball and there combined tolerances exceeded my expectations as well as the fitment of competing products. The level of precision and attention to detail in the traction balls alone was enough for me to recommend Full-Race to others but it was the other small touches that have guaranteed that I will be a Full-Race customer again for any other components that I need. The packaging of the parts was excellent and I have no complaints to offer about the shipment as a whole. The attention to detail on the packaging was impressive and truly conveys that you care." - John G






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