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Honda/Acura K-Series Twin Scroll T4 Turbo Manifold


Honda/Acura K-Series Twin Scroll T4 Turbo Manifold

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Honda/Acura K-Series Twin Scroll T4 Turbo Manifold

Honda/Acura K-Series Twin Scroll Turbo Manifold

Full-Race has spent years working with Turbo VTEC engines – one thing weve clearly learned is that these engines love to breathe through properly executed twinscroll turbo setups! We believe the K-series twinscroll to be the ultimate high power turbo manifold for the K-series RSX and EP Civic or K-swapped EG / EK / DC.  Twinscroll systems seperate interfering exhaust pulses, allowing for faster spool while eliminating high pressure reversion. We designed the K-series twinscroll to take full advantage of this on all size turbchargers. Whether fitting a 3″ or 4″ inlet street turbo all the way up to a massive 6″ compressor inlet drag turbo – carrying torque throughout the entire powerband, not just ‘peak power’ — translates into a faster car. This broad increase in area-under-the-curve produces an exhilirating experience for a built street/road race car or a high-boost drag race application (same manifold & WG setup, just varying turbo size). 

Ideal for demanding applications which require huge power output without sacrificing spool or response, this turbo manifold is engineered to break horsepower and ET records. It represents the state-of-the-art in high power turbocharged K-Series performance.

K-Series Twin Scroll Turbo Manifold Dual 38

Optional 2000 Degree Titanium Coating:

Application Notes:

  • (2) 44mm TiAl wastegates are recommended for high boost
  • Available without wastegate flanges for BorgWarner EFR internal-WG turbos
  • Can fit up to 6″ inlet GT4708R or BorgWarner 82mm S400SX
  • this manifold can support power levels from an ultra responsive 400whp to an 1100+whp drag car.

Key Design Features:

  • fabricated merge collector creates a turbulent free area for the exhaust gasses to enter the turbine housing, in even pulses and high velocities.
  • Robotic TIG welding for ultimate strength and longevity.
  • Flange surfaces machined flat ensuring a perfect seal.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Made In The USA


6″ Compressor inlet with 4″ outlet — GTX47 92-95 EG Civic:

This video shows Ryan Chin’s K Swapped EK Civic with Borg Warner S400SX 67MM FMW, using E85 fuel”

“The car made 888 on 30 psi and on 38 it made 958 on 38 psi falling to 36 psi!”







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