2015+ F150 Radiator
2017+ Raptor and 2015+ F150 Radiator Upgrade

The Full-Race Raptor / F150 radiator upgrade increases engine cooling for demanding conditions.  This is a simple installation, requiring only basic hand tools and engine coolant.  If you are performing an intercooler or transmission cooler upgrade, now is a great time to do this and save hours of labor later on.

  1. Drain the cooling system.
  2. Remove the cooling fan motor and shroud.
  3. Release the clamps and disconnect the upper radiator hose and the radiator to degas bottle hose.
4.   Pull the lower radiator hose spring clip until the end of the clip is in the detent on the quick connect coupling and disconnect the lower radiator hose.
5.   Remove the transmission cooler line bracket retainer *If applicable*
6.   Remove the radiator grille.
6A.   Remove the push pin retainers and remove the air deflector.
6B.  Disconnect the electrical connectors and washer hose.
6C.   Raise the vehicle safely. Vehicles equipped with fender mouldings:  Remove 2 screws and release the (3)  front fender moulding retainers and position the fender moulding out, both sides.  Torque : 9 lb.in (1.0 Nm)
6D.  Remove both sides headlamp trim panel screws and pushpin Torque : 15 lb.in (1.7 Nm)
6E.   Remove the pin-type retainer.
6F.   Remove the headlamp assembly trim panel. z  Remove the pin-type retainer. z  Starting at the inner edge, release the headlamp assembly trim panel clips. z  Starting at the outer edge, release the headlamp assembly trim panel. z  Using a flat-blade screwdriver release the locking tabs and remove the headlamp trim panel.
6G.   Remove the air deflector from the grille on both sides.
6H.   Remove the upper screws. Torque : 42 lb.in (4.8 Nm)
6I:    Remove the screw on the RH and LH side.
6J:  Pull up to disengage the locating pins along the top of the grille.  Pull forward on center of the grill to remove. Torque : 155 lb.in (17.5 Nm)
7.  Support the transmission fluid cooler and remove the retainers. Torque : 62 lb.in (7 Nm)
8.  Remove RH and LH  radiator side air deflector pin-type retainers and the radiator side air deflectors.
9.  Remove the radiator retainers and tilt cooling module backwards.
10.  Remove the condenser retainers.
11.  Release the tab and position the condenser upward to separate the condenser from the radiator.
12.  Remove the radiator.


  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
  2. Fill and bleed the cooling system.
  3. With engine running, remove fill plug then check and fill the transmission fluid to top off.  *F150 only.  No need to do this for Raptor.