FK8 Civic Type R EFR Turbo Kit Installation
Full-Race Honda FK8 CTR turbo kit components

Removal of stock components:

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Drain the engine coolant
  3. Remove the two 10mm bolts for the air box.
  4. Disconnect the MAF sensor and remove the harness from the air box.
  5. Remove the inlet duct to the air box
  6. Remove the air box from the vehicle.
  7. Loosen the two 10mm bolts holding the water line over the intake pipe.
  8. Loosen the six 10mm bolts holding the metal intake pipe and remove from vehicle.
  9. Disconnect and remove both O2 sensors
  10. Loosen the three 12mm bolts holing the heat shield on and remove the shield from the vehicle.
  11. Loosen the four 14mm bolts to turbo on the catalytic converter
  12. Loosen the three 14mm bolts on the catalytic converter to mid pipe and remove the catalytic converter
    from the vehicle.
  13. Loosen the two 12mm bolts on the bracket located under the turbo.
  14. Disconnect both of the water lines to the turbo.
  15. Loosen the 10mm bolt holding the oil feed line to the block.
  16. Disconnect the electronic wastegate actuator connecter.
  17. Removed the two vacuum lines going to the turbo from the passenger side of the valve cover.
  18. Remove the clamp for the oil return line from the block.
  19. Loosen the four 14mm bolts on the turbo to engine block. Remove the turbo from the vehicle.


  1. Install the manifold gasket and manifold onto the vehicle and tighten the four bolts down.
  2. Loosen the center section and compressor cover of the turbo to allow for clocking on the turbo.
  3. Position the turbo in place and snug down the bolts when positioning is set.
  4. Remove the turbo and tighten down the cover and center section. Install the wastegate actuator bracket
    onto the turbo along with the coolant fittings and oil drain fittings.
  5. Install the turbo into the vehicle and tighten down the VBand clamp. (Some cases it is easier to get the
    water lines on while installing the turbo.)
  6. Install the water lines to the turbo.
  7. Use the supplied oil feed fitting to bolt to the engine block with the braided hose to feed the turbo.
    Connect the 90 degree at the turbo.
  8. Use the 2” 90 coupler and clamps to connect on the outlet of the turbo. Make sure to that when you
    clocked the turbo it allows for the coupler to clear the A/C compressor.
  9. Connect the 90 degree pipe to the 90 off of the turbo and join the pipe to either a factory boost hose or a
    Full Race Intercooler kit.
  10. Connect the -10 AN fitting and hose to the oil return on the engine block.
  11. Install the O2 sensors into the new downpipe and installed the downpipe into the vehicle using the
    supplied EFR VBand clamp, downpipe hardware and gasket.
  12. Connect the vacuum line from the passenger side valve cover area to the turbo for vacuum and boost
  13. Transfer the factory electronic wastegate actuator onto the new bracket on the EFR turbo. Use the
    supplied linkage and hardware to secure it to the vehicle.
  14. Install the new air box into the vehicle.
  15. Install the 2.5”- 3” 90 degree coupler to the inlet of the turbo and install the first 3” pipe. Connect the 3”-
    3.5” coupler to the pipe and fit it to the 3.5” pipe with filter.
  16. Fill the vehicle with coolant and inspect for leaks.
  17. Connect the negative battery cable.
  18. Start the vehicle and inspect for leaks.
  19. Tuning will be required when the kit is fully installed.