Full-Race Civic R18 Turbo Kit FAQ

Full-Race Civic R18 Turbo Kit FAQ

If you are seriously considering forced induction on your R18 – read this FAQ. It was written to help answer many common questions, and discuss the special attributes that make the R-series engines from Honda great for boost. If there is something you need to know not listed, please email tech@full-race.com and we’ll help. The information contained herein has taken years of hard work from many smart people to compile. If you are serious about turbocharging your car, and do not yet understand turbochargers, Full-Race highly recommends reading these two books to get prepared for boost.

  • “Maximum Boost” by Corky Bell
  • “Street Turbocharging” by Mark Warner – (Full-Race contributed to this book)

R-Series Engines

Honda Motor company designed the lightweight low-friction “R-Series engines” for excellent fuel efficiency/MPG, low emissions, and long life. Found in 2006+ non-Si Civics (R18) and international Accords and CRVs (R20), the R-series cylinder head features an integrated exhaust manifold for maximum exhaust heat energy and “fast catalytic converter warmup”. The downside to this cylinder head design is poor “All-Motor” Naturally-Aspirated power … However, the upside of this design from a performance enthusiast perspective is it’s perfect for a turbo kit: the increased heat energy which normally helps to warm up the cat faster – now helps spool the turbo faster (which is just fine by us turbo Honda afficionados). These additional MPG technologies only help to make great power under boost. great video here: Honda Worldwide | New 1.8l i-VTEC Engine and one more good link here: Honda Worldwide | July 5, 2005 “Honda Develops New 1.8l i-VTEC Engine”

Top 10 things that make the R18 perfect for boost

  1. ultra-lightweight engine, and transmission, showing cylinder head with integrated manifold
  2. Bore and Stroke are identical to the legendary GSR and ITR B18
  3. The R18 uses a full 1-piece main bearing girdle
  4. “Long-rod” Forged Steel Connecting rods with rod BOLTS (not studs – easy to upgrade to ARP hardware)
  5. The R18 has a 10% reduction in friction from a special cylinder wall hone and moly-sulfide bead blast and ion treated piston rings. High durability and low friction.
  6. Pistons cooled by built-in oil jets (typically only found on high end Honda motors). This is important for a turbocharged engine which has increased piston temperatures.
  7. Cylinder head design is an ultra efficient way to deliver high temp exhaust gasses immediately to a turbocharger
  8. Easy to disable EGR using OE Honda components
  9. The R20 is available for more power and any R18 guys looking for BIG power can do a bottom end swap to the R20 (or sleeve your R18 to 2.0L!)
  10. Hondata FlashPRO is available!! MAF based engine management makes tuning very accurate and simple

Turbocharging the R18


Full-Race became interested in the R-series engines by way of BorgWarner’s partnership with Honda Research & Development. While testing some early EFR turbochargers on prototype engines, Honda saw incredible performance results using the integrated manifold. The integrated exhaust manifold cylinder head design, combined with a special VTEC system (which delivers improved fuel efficiency not power), requires that the turbo system be engineered to properly compliment the engine’s unique flow characteristics. We quickly learned what the integrated manifold engines were capable of with the EFR turbo technology, and became interested to see what the R18 could do.

The Full-Race R18 turbo kit is designed to be exceptionally powerful and very fast spooling while generating huge area-under-the-curve yet maintaining quick response and spool. When it came to designing the specifications, Full-Race engineers followed the same design philosophy as our other legendary turbo systems – offering maximum versatility and value to our customers. After a long and thorough development period, Full-Race is proud to release the R18 turbo kit – merging reliable boosted performance AND excellent fuel efficiency.

Included in the Full-Race R18 Turbo Kit(Discontinued)

  • Full-Race R18 turbo manifold – T25 flanged single-scroll with legendary Full-Race quality and reliability. Every turbo manifold is handmade in-house by our team of expert fabricators/welders.
  • Full-Race 6061-T6 Aluminum Charge Piping – Black powdercoated, with black Full-Race silicone couplers and constant pressure T-bolt clamps.
  • Full-Race 3″ MAF Intake – designed for high power R18 engine management
  • Full-Race 3″ Downpipe – With high quality stainless flex section and (2) O2 sensor bungs.
  • YOUR CHOICE Of Turbocharger – EFR 6258 0.64 A/R (quick spooling, for street and road-race/autocross applications) or EFR 6758 (street/drag strip setup, 300rpm later spooling, with more top end power)
  • Full-Race Hardware Kit
  • T25 Stainless Steel Turbine Inlet Gasket
  • Full-Race Plumbing – Fittings and lines for oil, vacuum and water.
  • Coatings Are Recommended – for the manifold and downpipe, for road race or auto-x applications header wrap on top of that is also a good idea.
  • Air Filter
  • OPTIONAL Full-Race Vertical Flow FMIC – uses Full-Race’s exclusive bar/plate core with aero endtanks (internally baffled for maximum heat transfer and IC core efficiency)
  • Full-Race Bumper Support – This replacement part / intercooler mount is included with the kit.

NOTE: All turbo kits use the same manifold, downpipe, wastegate, exhaust, intercooler, piping etc, establishing the Full-Race turbo kit as the most versatile forced induction system available for the 06+ Civic. For example, if you start with an autocross friendly EFR 6258 turbo and decide drag racing is your thing, swap in an EFR 6758 and retune…

The result: Using the smallest of all the EFR turbos at low boost 8-9psi netted 255whp on a 100% stock Civic R18 engine (upgraded only with clutch and Hondata Flashpro/RDX injectors/fuel pump), the Full-Race R18 turbo kit reliably generates a minimum of 230-250+whp on 91-93 octane pump gas at the low boost setting. With larger turbochargers and race gas, over 400+whp is attainable (power range dependent upon turbocharger used and boost level set. 400+whp requires significant engine and fuel mods). ***FULL-RACE ENGINEERS RECOMMEND THE EFR 6258 FOR STOCK R18 ENGINES, AND THE EFR 6758 FOR BUILT R18 ENGINES***

Recommended Supporting Modifications

  • Full-Race 3″ Exhaust
  • Full-Race Traction Balls
  • High Temp Coating on the manifold and downpipe
  • Turbo Blanket for turbine housing
  • Full-Race Vacuum/Boost Distribution Block
  • Full-Race Billet Battery Strap
  • manual transmission R18’s should upgrade their clutch. We recommend ACT (available now) or Competition Clutch (coming soon)
  • automatic transmission R18’s should use an external transmission cooler and/or level10 torque converter
  • Honda RDX injectors
  • Hondata FlashPro
  • High Pressure fuel pump
  • Hondata 4bar map sensor

Full-Race kits have always been designed to be hardcore and versatile with no-frills, and the R18 Civic turbo kit is no exception – you get ONLY the best of what you need, no corners cut or compromises made. Our manifold is the best quality, highest flowing and longest lasting turbo manifold on the planet… with the most beautiful welds in the industry. Our handmade, TIG welded stainless downpipe is a true 3″ – the least restrictive design possible. The optional intercooler system is one of the best designs we’ve ever developed and easily the highest performing intercooling option for this car. You personally choose which clutch, fuel system, gauges, exhaust that YOU want in YOUR car. For example, you have the choice of using any fuel injectors you want to run (we recommend the Acura RDX injectors), but our turbo kits will work with all types. There is no hacked up engine management system included for you to waste money on, Hondata FlashPro is the best choice for a boosted honda (we build the best turbo kits, they build the best ECUs; they can’t build turbo kits better than us and we can’t build ECUs better than them – symbiosis). This is a major benefit over many of the other turbo kits currently offered ie: some kits include small injectors with less optimal spray patterns than stock, so driveability suffers and the first time the boost is turned up a little the “new” injectors are maxxed-out and already need to be upgraded. Many of our customers also have their own engine management, and/or their own clutch, fuel system, etc and do not need to purchase those items a second time… so while Full-Race does not include all supporting items with the base turbo kit – we custom tailor the turbo kit and supporting components to be a complete optimal package designed for you and your specific application. We aim to give you the most value and most performance at the best price.

Full-Race Component Specs

    • Full-Race R18 Turbo Manifold – The R18 turbo manifold design was based upon the Honda Integrated Manifold design, as used in their LMP1/LMP2 and CRZ Type-R platforms. Simple, clean, effective and true Full-Race tradition. Starting with Full-Race’s 1/2″ thick (extra beefy!) 1018 steel head flange, going to our high-flowing TIG welded 8-gauge thickwall stainless steel runner and connected by our textbook welds, this manifold sets the standard by which other turbo manifolds are judged.
      Note: EGT bung on the manifold available as a special order request
      Note: Full-Race recommends 2000°F Ceramic Coating on our manifolds, downpipes, and turbine housings.
    • Full-Race 3″ Downpipe – This handmade high flow downpipe design is a full 3″ from start to end, minimizing backpressure and freeing horsepower while being easier on your engine. Turbocharged Honda engines flow high exhaust numbers and need to exhale – stock “pea-shooter” exhausts are not enough. Designed to be a bolt up for many aftermarket Civic *SI* exhausts (R18 civic exhausts are too small diameter and will not bolt up), There is an included high-quality flex section which helps improve durability and eliminates the possibility of exhaust leaks. The downpipe includes an M18 O2 sensor bung.
    • 3″ MAF Intake kit – This is a high quality 3″ MAF intake for use on Full-Race turbo kit with Hondata Flashpro. Includes a high quality air filter.
    • (2) Slim Fans — these attach easily to the stock radiator and allow you to fit large turbos in the R18 engine bay.
    • Full-Race aluminum 2.5″ charge piping – All Full-Race charge piping is high quality USA-Made mandrel bent 6061-T6 aluminum (we ONLY use aluminum for charge piping since it sheds heat, further cooling the charge air whereas steel charge piping retains heat), with a durable shiny black powdercoat finish. Charge pipes are connected to the turbo, intercooler and throttle body with thick 4-ply silicone couplers and constant pressure T-bolt clamps (constant pressure will not crush like normal T-bolts when overtightened).
    • OPTIONAL Full-Race VerticalFlow Gen2 Intercooler – Featuring aero endtanks (baffled internally), Full-Race’s legendary vertical-flow intercooler is designed for fast turbo spool, cold IAT (inlet air temperature) and the lowest possible pressure drop while flowing way more than enough CFM for the I-VTEC system. Our latest intercooler design combines the ultra dense and highly efficient Bar & Plate intercooler core with the shortest charge piping possible in this chassis. Endtanks are optimized for low volume (fast spool) and high flow (big power) and are internally baffled to ensure equal charge distribution through the core for the coldest air possible.
      Note: Fog light compatible and no hacking or cutting of your bumper!
      Note: Intercooler is also available with a Black Anodized coating to help shed heat AND give the ultimate sleeper effect.
    • Your choice of turbocharger – EFR 6258 or 6758


There are 2 different EFR turbochargers to choose from depending on your power/boost goals, as well as price point. Please see EFR 6258 and EFR 6758 for detailed technical info and compressor maps.

Whether you like dodging cones at the local auto-cross or are looking to hurt egos at the drag races, Full-Race turbo kits are available with your choice of turbo, to suit your application. Quick spool, fast response and a broad powerband with huge area-under-the-curve is the primary focus, with each respective turbocharger bringing unique benefits to the table. There is direct compatibility between all EFR T25 flanged turbos, giving the user excellent versatility and easy to upgrade in the future. For example, if you’ve installed a Full-Race R18 turbo kit with EFR 6258 and 6 months later you’re itching for more power, you can just turn the boost up a little, OR install an EFR 6758 and re-tune… making more power at the same low boost level.

BorgWarner EFR 6258 – This is the smallest EFR turbo in the family, and has a dual ceramic ball bearing, integrated wastegate, BOV, ultra efficient 58mm Gamma-Ti titanium alloy turbine wheel and forged billet compressor wheel – it is also the most affordable in the lineup.  This EFR turbo is BorgWarner’s answer to the need for a smallish “quick response” turbo that spools fast enough for autocross and road race applications, yet is still capable of 360-380whp. This has become the turbo of choice for Honda Racing Development’s CRZ turbo projects, because it’s in boost as soon as the “long skinny pedal” gets the green light – virtually no turbo lag given the power level. Full-Race recommends this turbo for street applications that are not overly focused on drag racing, but are looking to blend great midrange/top end power with the quickest/earliest spool and fastest response. Expect a fast spooling ~270whp at 8-9 psi boost on a 100% stock engine and pump gas and 300+whp at 12psi on the same setup. If you are looking for a reliable and fun turbo setup, this is the one. Great on the dragstrip, road course and street. Oil and Watercooled, fittings/lines included. 3″ exhaust recommended. This turbo is capable of putting an R18 civic into the 12 second 1/4 mile range.

BorgWarner EFR 6758 – This is the EFR turbo for R18’s looking to drag race. The 6758 is recommend for those who have aftermarket cams, and possibly headwork. Capable of supporting over 400whp, this is one of the highest flowing T25 based turbos to hit the market and the only one of its size to use a titanium alloy turbine wheel. We recommend the 6758 for built engine street/strip applications looking for exceptional performance and the weekend trip to the dragstrip. It is more flow than a stock engine likes to ingest, so if you are staying stock motor get the 6258. This turbo is capable of putting an R18 civic into the 11 second 1/4 mile range.

NOTE: If i owned an R18, id be putting a 6258 on it… fast spooling 300+whp at 12 psi on pump gas and dead reliable. Oil and Watercooled, fittings/lines included. 3″ exhaust is strongly recommended.

Install Notes

Battery Notes

Stock battery will fit in stock location, no problems. You may want to use a smaller sized battery or relocate it in trunk for weight and heat reasons – but it will not affect the turbo kit.

EGR Bypass

EGR is disabled by purchasing HONDA Part # 18711-PM1-J00 and then within Hondata FLASHPRO turning it off.

Oil Feed

  1. The oil feed is sourced on the block, at the oil sender location
  2. The tee fitting gets inserted between the block and the sender.
  3. Use teflon tape wrapped clockwise on the pipe threads.  make certain there is no excess blocking oil flow.

Oil Drain

  1. Take care when tapping the R18 oilpan, it is very thin aluminum. it can strip easily if you are not smooth with it or tap poorly / over tighten the fitting when installing into the pan. Pipe fittings use tapered threads so over tightening will cause a crack -> keep it within reason!
  2. Make sure that you tap it completely perpendicular…don’t create the threads on an angle (easily done by mistake since the pan is thin)
  3. Coat the threads and the area the fitting seals with Teflon sealant or Hondabond
  4. Clean the oil pan and engine mounting surface with denatured or rubbing alcohol, and complete wipe dry. Reapply hondabond or high-grade RTV Permatex Black upon reinstallation and tighten all bolts equally – making sure they sit flat.



The R18 flashpro must read MAF sensor inputs for proper engine control – so you must remove the sensor from your stock intake, and install it in the Full-Race Intake.

Intercooler Note

When installing FMIC, rotate the ambient air temp sensor vertically and retighten (it does not fit between the intercooler and condenser) – then install Bumper Beam.

Charge Piping Notes

After the FMIC is mounted, trim the fender well sheet metal to clear the giant 2.5″ charge pipes. Trimming here is NOT structural and is NOT part of the frame – just thin sheet metal.

Radiator Fans

The R18 engine bay is cramped, and to fit a big EFR turbo, you must install the included “slim fans” measurements and mountings shown here:

Heat Management

Heat is the enemy of any car, and on a high performance engine it is critical that all hoses are not touching any hot components (like the oil return line coming close to the downpipe, or vacuum lines rubbing/touching a turbo) and it is smart for insulation to get used. Ceramic coatings, additional header wrap, additional heat protection measures are recommended for all hot side components in the engine bay. Additionally, we STRONGLY recommend that your installer uses anti seize on ALL threads and vband surfaces – it makes working on the car much easier!


NGK BKR8EIX spark plugs are recommended, gapped to 0.018″