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KA24 S13 / S14 240sx (1989-1998)

Are you running a USDM KA24E or KA24DE engine in your Nissan 240SX? No problem, Full-Race has got you covered. We offer both single- and twin-scroll turbochargers from brands like Garrett and BorgWarner. Once matched with a robotically TIG-welded, stainless-steel Full-Race exhaust manifold, you’ll enjoy years of boosted performance from your KA24 engine. In addition to manifolds and turbochargers, Full-Race carries a host of ancillary components ranging from intercoolers to wastegates and blow-off valves. We’ve got what you need to increase the performance of your 240SX.

Twin-scrolls Elevate the KA24

All KA24 exhaust manifolds share the same flange shape and bolt pattern, making the manifolds and turbochargers a good fit for either generation engine. We recommend Twin-scroll manifolds and turbochargers for this engine. The KA24’s larger displacement provides more high-enthalpy exhaust gasses to facilitate even quick spooling and response of a twin-scroll turbocharger. This setup lends to the already useable torque of the KA24 and raises its performance threshold.

The 1989-1990 240SX's came with a 12 valve, single camshaft KA24E engine. The more capable, 16 valve, dual overhead camshaft KA24DE engine succeeded it from 1991-1998. These blocks featured an aluminum cylinder head bolted to an iron block. While Japan, Australia and Europe enjoyed turbocharged SR20DET horsepower in their Nissan 180SX and Silvia, Nissan left America’s 1989-1998 240SX to contend with an ocean of VTEC equipped Hondas with "a truck engine". For years, dismal sales volumes and a general lack of interest left Nissan fans with no choice but to swap in SR20DET engines from overseas or to live with the limited selection of basic bolt-on parts that the aftermarket offered.

Keep Your KA24DE!
The 240SX’s popularity rocketed with the rise of drifting in the early 2000s. Combined with drag racers going absurdly fast with turbocharged KA24DE 240sx's, the aftermarket began to take a serious look at the KA.

Competitive and Capable
The KA24DE cylinder head offers a good foundation to build. With larger valves, porting and polishing, it flows comparably to the SR20DET head. The stout iron block's 89mm x 96mm rotating assembly is fairly capable in stock form for forced induction duty. However, once upgraded with stronger aftermarket rods and pistons, the KA24DE engine offers a competitive alternative to its cousin, the SR20DET. A built KA24DE engine can produce well over 600+ horsepower to the wheels with proper turbocharger sizing, an upgraded fuel delivery system and calibration.
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