Ford EcoBoost

Ford’s EcoBoost engines power the marque’s most exciting lineup of enthusiast platforms from the affordable Focus ST and EcoBoost Fusion or EcoBoost Fastback Mustang to the Focus RS, and F-150 Raptor! If your Ford has turbochargers, look no further than Full-Race to boost up your “Blue Oval” ride. Get more from your EcoBoost engine and step up the output with intakes, exhausts, bolt-on intercoolers and stock replacement turbochargers. Need more boost than that? Check out the higher flowing turbocharger offerings from Precision Turbo and BorgWarner. Upgrade your forced induction system with components from Turbosmart and TiAL Sport. Whatever your performance needs are, Full-Race is your one-stop shop for performance products.

In the aftermath of earnings losses from 2006 through the 2008-09 recession times, Ford was the only domestic maker to get back on its feet without government assistance. The company’s restructuring also led to a rethinking of its engineering mindset. With fuel economy as a natural concern for all automakers, Ford shifted its focus. In addition to green technologies like all electric and hybrid powertrains, Ford added real excitement in the form of efficient, small displacement, direct injection, turbocharged engines known as EcoBoost. EcoBoost engines now power a much larger portion of the Ford fleet. This led to the release of much more exciting performance trim packages that engaged enthusiasts across a broader spectrum. If you’re a fan of the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Taurus, Flex, Explorer, Mustang or F-150, there is an EcoBoost engine available for your chassis of choice.

Boosted Potential
Shortly after the release of the EcoBoost-powered models, many soon realized that these engines were well designed and delivered more than expected. In independent testing, some EcoBoost engines have shown to be underrated from the factory, putting down more horsepower in stock form than what was expected. In addition, the aftermarket began developing parts for the EcoBoost engines, which seemed to respond well to modifications and upgrades.

The Fiesta ST and Focus ST illustrated the interest that enthusiasts had for the platforms, which further bolstered the aftermarket’s interest in EcoBoost engines. Broad use of EcoBoost engines across numerous Ford platforms opened the tuning possibilities to numerous markets. Even the F-150 Raptor traded in its naturally-aspirated V8 engine for an even more powerful EcoBoost V6 engine, exposing a greater spectrum of performance potential to the market.