Nissan RB26 25 20 DETT Twin Scroll EFR T4 EWG Turbo Manifold


Nissan RB26 25 20 DETT Twin Scroll EFR T4 EWG Turbo Manifold

Nissan RB26/25/20 DET(T) Twin Scroll EFR T4 EWG Turbo Manifold

The Full-Race RB20/25/26 Twinscroll Turbo Manifold designed for instant spool and tremendous top end power. Applying twin scroll divided-pulse technology with long, robotically tig welded thick wall runners, this manifold will offer increased turbine efficiency, allowing the turbo to spool up faster and provide substantial power gains throughout the entire powerband. Runner geometry is adjusted accordingly for the known tendency of RB engines to run slightly leaner towards cyl #6.

BorgWarner EFR Turbo Options

Key Design Features:

  • Precision Fabricated from thick wall stainless steel
  • Robotically TIG-welded construction
  • CNC Ported head flange
  • Sealing surfaces machined flat ensuring a leak-free seal

Detail Photos:

nissan-rb26-25-20-det-t-twin-scroll-ewg-efr-turbo-manifold-1-content-28 nissan-rb26-25-20-det-t-twin-scroll-ewg-efr-turbo-manifold-1-content-29 nissan-rb26-25-20-det-t-twin-scroll-ewg-efr-turbo-manifold-1-content-30

Optional Coated Manifolds

nissan-rb26-25-20-det-t-twin-scroll-ewg-efr-turbo-manifold-1-content-31 nissan-rb26-25-20-det-t-twin-scroll-ewg-efr-turbo-manifold-1-content-32 nissan-rb26-25-20-det-t-twin-scroll-ewg-efr-turbo-manifold-1-content-33 nissan-rb26-25-20-det-t-twin-scroll-ewg-efr-turbo-manifold-1-content-34

Install Photos showing R33/R34 AC compressor and PS pump (RB25 and RB26 are identical in this regard)

nissan-rb26-25-20-det-t-twin-scroll-ewg-efr-turbo-manifold-1-content-1 nissan-rb26-25-20-det-t-twin-scroll-ewg-efr-turbo-manifold-1-content-4 nissan-rb26-25-20-det-t-twin-scroll-ewg-efr-turbo-manifold-1-content-6

nissan-rb26-25-20-det-t-twin-scroll-ewg-efr-turbo-manifold-1-content-7 nissan-rb26-25-20-det-t-twin-scroll-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-1 nissan-rb26-25-20-det-t-twin-scroll-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-2

nissan-rb26-25-20-det-t-twin-scroll-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-3 nissan-rb26-25-20-det-t-twin-scroll-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-4 nissan-rb26-25-20-det-t-twin-scroll-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-5

Note: R32 may require hood-webbing modification for the clearance of select turbos listed below:

  • EFR 8374
  • EFR 8474
  • EFR 9174
  • EFR 9180
  • EFR 9280
  • S300 SXE
  • S400 SXE
  • Garrett G42
  • Precision 6870

Also, confirm that your engine mounts are not cracked or damaged, this commonly will cause the engine to tilt turbo side up.

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