Mitsubishi Evo X Twin Scroll T4 External Wastegate Turbo Manifold

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Full-Race's Mitsubishi Evo X 4B11T Twin Scroll T4 EWG Turbo Manifold Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Evo

Full-Race's legendary Externally-Wastegated Twin-Scroll turbo manifold for the Mitsubishi 4B11T Evolution X spools big turbos for strong torque and faster transient response than traditional undivided single-scroll turbos. Forget about turbo lag with this installed. You're going to have power when you need it. Our EvoX turbo manifold fits BorgWarner EFR and AirWerks turbos letting you get the most out of your engine and your turbocharger. This manifold is intended for time attack and road racing applications, but it will work in other racing applications as well. 

Mitsubishi Evo X Twin Scroll T 4 External Wastegated turbo manifold Full-Race

Our manifold is expertly welded in-house to ensure the highest quality in the industry, and it's specially designed to fit your Mitsubishi Evo X's 4B11T engine perfectly. Simply bolt this manifold up and you'll be good to go. This is the last turbo manifold your car will ever need. Our Mitsubishi Evo X turbo kit is also something you shouldn't overlook if you're wanting to get the most out of your 4B11T engine. 

Check out the video below from Andolfi Racing to see the kit installed. If you're wondering about installation, click here for the Full-Race Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Turbo Kit Install Guide.


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Product Name Mitsubishi Evo X Twin Scroll T4 External Wastegate Turbo Manifold
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Brand Full Race
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