Honda FG2 FA5 Civic Si K-Series ProStreet EFR T3 IWG Turbo Manifold

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Honda FG2 / FA5 Civic Si K-Series ProStreet EFR T3 IWG Turbo Manifold

Our turbo manifold for the K-series powered 06-11 Civic Si is engineered for maximum efficiency while maintaining Full-Race's legendary reliability.  This manifold will spool faster, last longer, and produce more reliable power across the entire RPM range than any other manifold on the market. Full-Race's K-Series T3 manifolds can support power levels from an fast spooling ultra-responsive 300whp to a 750+whp monster.

T3 EFR Turbo Options: EFR 7064, EFR 7670, EFR 8374, EFR 9174, EFR 9180 with 0.83 A/R Undivided IWG

Key Design Features:

  • Low angle 4-1 merge collector for efficient flow of exhaust gas into the turbocharger
  • CAD designed
  • Robotic TIG welding ensures superior strength and long service life
  • 100% Handmade in the USA from high grade thickwall stainless steel
  • Specifically designed for BorgWarner EFR T3 0.83 A/R fitment
  • Sealing surfaces machined flat ensuring a leak free seal

For installation photos please reference the Full-Race FAQ

Detail Photos:

honda-fg-fa-civic-si-k-series-t3-efr-iwg-prostreet-turbo-manifold-1-content-2 honda-fg-fa-civic-si-k-series-t3-efr-iwg-prostreet-turbo-manifold-1-content-3

Install Photos:

honda-fg-fa-civic-si-k-series-t3-efr-iwg-prostreet-turbo-manifold-1-content-5 honda-fg-fa-civic-si-k-series-t3-efr-iwg-prostreet-turbo-manifold-1-content-6 honda-fg-fa-civic-si-k-series-t3-efr-iwg-prostreet-turbo-manifold-1-content-7 honda-fg-fa-civic-si-k-series-t3-efr-iwg-prostreet-turbo-manifold-1-content-11 honda-fg-fa-civic-si-k-series-t3-efr-iwg-prostreet-turbo-manifold-1-content-12


Ted aka Figment-the-Dragon's EFR7670 Civic si at (only) 13psi

honda-fg-fa-civic-si-k-series-t3-efr-iwg-prostreet-turbo-manifold-1-content-13 honda-fg-fa-civic-si-k-series-t3-efr-iwg-prostreet-turbo-manifold-1-content-14

Dyno Graph with EFR 7670 @ 9psi on E85:

honda-fg-fa-civic-si-k-series-t3-efr-iwg-prostreet-turbo-manifold-1-content-8 honda-fg-fa-civic-si-k-series-t3-efr-iwg-prostreet-turbo-manifold-1-content-9 honda-fg-fa-civic-si-k-series-t3-efr-iwg-prostreet-turbo-manifold-1-content-10

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Product Name Honda FG2 FA5 Civic Si K-Series ProStreet EFR T3 IWG Turbo Manifold
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