Honda Acura K-Series ProStreet EFR T3 / V-Band IWG Turbo Manifold

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Honda/Acura K-Series ProStreet EFR T3 IWG Turbo Manifold

This is our Honda K-series T3 turbo manifold for the BorgWarner “B-type” EFR Internal-WG T3 turbos. Using a 4-into-1 merge collector this proven design will flow at high rpm for T3 turbos from 7064 to 9180.  Full-Race manifolds are hand made using high grade stainless alloy and flawless robotic TIG welds to last longer and produce more reliable power across the entire RPM range than any other manifold on the market. Full-Race’s K-Series T3 manifolds can support power levels from an ultra-responsive 330whp to a 800+whp monster. EFR internal wastegate maximizes firewall and brake master cylinder clearance.

K-Series Applications:

  • Fits almost every Honda K series chassis combination from 1988 to 2005: K-swapped CRX’s, EF/EG/EK/EM1 Civics, DA/DC Integras, EP3 civics and RSX’s with K20 and K24 engines
  • RHD and LHD compatible
  • Note: undivided singlescroll iwg can have a slight top end gain over twinscroll IWG but will spool slightly later
T3 EFR Turbo Options: EFR 7064EFR 7670EFR 8374EFR 9174EFR 9180 with 0.83 A/R Undivided IWG

Key Design Features:

  • Based around low angle 4-1 merge collector for efficient flow into the turbocharger
  • CAD designed
  • Robotic TIG welding ensures superior strength and long service life
  • 100% Handmade in the USA from high grade thickwall stainless steel
  • Does not utlize external wastegate, BOV or boost controller.
  • Sealing surfaces machined flat ensuring a leak free seal

Install Photos:

honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-1 honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-2 honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-3

honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-4 honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-5 honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-6

^^Built K20A RSX-S, courtesy of IKON671

honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-13 honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-14 honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-15

^^RHD DC5R time attack spec

honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-10 honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-11 honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-21

honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-22 honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-23 honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-24

honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-25 honda-acura-k-series-t3-prostreet-iwg-efr-turbo-manifold-content-26

^^K24-swapped EG Civic, courtesy of Hasport

Dyno Graph:



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