Honda / Acura Backdoor Intercooler

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Honda / Acura B Series Backdoor Intercooler

This is the original B-series Honda Back Door intercooler.  When using a half radiatior, this intercooler allows for reduced charge piping lengths and charge air temps near ambient for turbocharged B series engines.

Full-Race Features:

  • 20"x11"x3.5" core supports up to 800whp
  • Bar and plate core design
  • Hand fabricated and TIG welded endtanks
  • back door inlet design virtually eliminates the possibility of "blowing off" the hot side charge pipe.
  • BOV flange placement on the hot side end tank.
  • Aluminum tabs on the core are available for ease of installation.
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Product Name Honda / Acura Backdoor Intercooler
Weight 25.000000
Brand Full Race
Brands Full Race
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