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Garrett GT2871R Turbocharger

Garrett GT2871R Turbocharger
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Garrett GT2871R Turbocharger

The Garrett GT2871R Turbocharger Is Proven to Deliver Good Power

The Garrett GT2871R is part of the company's GT line of turbos known for delivering strong horsepower, in this case, up to 475hp in smaller displacement engines. If you want to boost the output of your engine, this is a great option. It's also perfect for twin-turbo applications, opening the door to this being a good option for larger displacement engines that make up to 800hp. While the Garrett GTX line of turbos might be more advanced and have the latest turbocharging technology, the GT2871R still delivers a lot of bang for the buck. And that means you'd better not overlook this stainless steel ball-bearing, oil and watercooled power producer. 


  • Stainless Steel Ball bearing
  • Oil & Watercooled bearing system
  • Direct replacement upgrade turbocharger for GT2860RS (739548-1)
  • Comes as a kit; end housings are not assembled onto CHRA
  • T25 turbine inlet flange
  • Great size for applications w/ packaging constraints
  • Ideal for smaller displacement engines making up to 475 hp
  • Ideal for twin-turbo applications on medium-size engines making up to 800 hp
  • Turbine housing option available
  • Compressor housing kit options are available

Garrett GT2871R Turbocharger Specs

71mm GT2871R Compressor Specifications:

  • 56 trim compressor wheel
  • 0.60 AR compressor housing

Turbine Specifications:

  • 76 trim turbine wheel
  • T25: 0.64 and 0.86 A/R Inlet
  • V-Band: 0.57 and 0.72 A/R Inlet

Garrett GT2871R Turbocharger Compressor Map

Garrett GT2871R Turbocharger Compressor Map

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