Ford EcoBoost 2.3 2.0 MZR Balance Shaft Delete Plug


MazdaSpeed (MZR) 3/6, Ford Mustang Ecoboost, and Focus RS / ST Balance Shaft Delete Plug

MazdaSpeed (MZR) 3/6, Ford Mustang Ecoboost, and Focus RS / ST Balance Shaft Delete Plug

Mazda's MZR and Ford's 2.3L and 2.0L EcoBoost engines come from the factory with an 18lb lump of rotating counterweights called balance shafts. This contraption spins inside the oil pan, reducing vibrations and harmonics inherent to Inline-4 engines. Our Balance Shaft Delete Plug is a direct bolt-on installation which allows the removal of the balance shafts - allowing the engine to rev more freely and safely increase oil capacity. Aside from a small increase in NHV (Noise, Harshness, Vibration) there are no adverse effects caused by removing the balance shafts. This is a mandatory upgrade if you will build the bottom end of your block.

Balance Shaft Delete Features

  • Reduces engine rotating mass, Improves throttle response
  • Increases oil capacity by 1 quart
  • Precision CNC machined from 1 piece Billet Aluminum, with black anodize and FR Logo
  • Direct Plug-and-Play - Drop the oil Pan, remove the balance shafts, insert delete.
  • 1-2 hour install time for FWD, 2-3 hour intall time for RWD

The stock balance shafts are driven off the crank at 2x the speed of the engine. They create a harmonic that is 180 degrees out of phase with the engine, and cancel out vibrations and NVH from the engine. However, it has a parasitic effect on the engine and removing it has a similar effect to installing a lighter weight flywheel. Revs will rise and fall faster but most significantly - more power will be reaching the wheels. Vibration increases are minimal but noticeable. This modification is designed for track vehicles only but several people do run balance shaft deletes on daily drivers. It's a personal preference and depends on your goals for the car.  If you're installing the balance shaft delete on a vehicle without oil pan baffles, it's recommended to add baffles while you have the oil pan off for this installation.

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