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BorgWarner AirWerks S467SX - 67.66mm S400SX 9183 Turbo


BorgWarner 67.66mm S400SX 9183 aka S467SX (178855)

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BorgWarner 67.66mm S400SX 9183 aka S467SX (178855)

BorgWarner 67.66mm S400SX 9183 aka S467SX (178855)

BorgWarner’s 67.66mm S400SX3 turbocharger is one of the highest bang-for-the-buck and lowest backpressure 67.66mm large-frame turbos available. This design pairs a 91mm OD FMW billet compressor wheel with a high flowing 83mm S400SX turbine wheel.  This combination provides huge exhaust flow energy without restriction. It shares identical fitments to the GT42R and S372 turbos, bolt-on for many twinscroll T4 manifolds and 4″ downpipes.

Turbine Specifications

  • Turbine Type: Inconel S400SX Turbine Wheel
  • Turbine Wheel OD: 83.47mm
  • Housing Material: D5S sandcast
  • Housing Size and A/R ratio: S400SX 9183 (S467) is available in four (4) different turbine housing configurations:
    • 0.91 A/R T4 Single Scroll
    • 1.00 A/R T4 Twin Scroll
    • 1.10 A/R T4 Twin Scroll
    • 1.25 A/R T4 Twin Scroll (Recommended for 30+psi Boost Levels)

The compressor stage starts with a ported shroud housing, including integrated velocity stack. Compressor wheel is BorgWarner’s “FMW” forged-milled-wheel (AKA forged-billet) and uses the latest generation blade aero to reach ~94 lb/min max compressor flow. This is a journal bearing oil cooled only turbocharger ideally suited to competitive drag racing.

This turbo is an excellent choice for a Drag Race B-series engine. The airflow this turbo generates compliments high flowing VTEC cylinder heads and 83mm turbine wheel nicely. The S400SX turbos will fit Full-Race twinscroll turbo manifolds and 4″ downpipes.

Additional Information:

  • Max warm oil pressure: 5 bar (73.5psi)
  • Max cold oil pressure: 8 bar (118psi)
  • When starting a fresh engine build or in extremely cold climates – oil pressure must reach 0.5bar (7.2psi) within 4 seconds maximum.
  • Do not load the engine with full boost and WOT until full operating oil pressure is present
  • Do not load the engine with full boost and WOT if any boost leaks are present (this can result in turbocharger overspeed)







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