2017+ Honda FK8 Civic Type R Intercooler Kit

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2017+ Honda Civic Type R FK8 Front Mount Intercooler Kit

The addition of a high-performance air-to-air intercooler is the most important upgrade for the CTR's turbocharged engine.  The stock intercooler commonly becomes heat soaked, even during normal driving, allowing intake air tempuratures up to 220 Degrees Farenheight which will put the car into limp mode. Full Race's Civic Type R Intercooler and Piping Kit will drop your charge air temperatures down to the ambient air temperature, which results in more boost being made easier and ultimately more horsepower that is measureable on the dyno.

Full-Race FK8 Intercooler Kit

Proven Results On The Track & On The Dyno

Dyno tested by Hondata and DSport Magazine "The intercooler kept the intake air temperature lower than the factory intercooler, and it kept it lower longer. With the stock intercooler, the air intake temp went from 77°F to 117°F as it heat soaked, while the Full-Race intercooler stayed consistent around 72°F. This translates into more laps on the track with the car staying at consistent horsepower and torque levels. On the dyno, the intercooler showed a gain of 8.64 in the peak whp"

This Intercooler is Supported by Built-In Hondata FlashPro ECU Calibrations - After installation of our Front Mount Intercooler, there's no need to take time off work to schedule a tune, just download your new calibration via FlashPro and you're good to go!


Full Race FK8 CTR Intercooler Upgrade Features

  • High Quality Bar and plate core, tested to 50psi
  • 4" thick x 26" long x 9" tall
  • Hand fabricated out of aerospace grade aluminum, TIG welded end tanks
  • Billet MAP sensor flange welded to end tank
  • Includes High Strength Steel Mounting Beam
  • 100% plug and play
  • Includes a Full-Race stencil
  • Includes Charge Piping Kit

Full-Race Charge Piping Kit:

  • 2 1/2" Aerospace Grade Aluminum Intercooler piping
  • Direct factory replacement
  • Durable Texture Black Powder Coated


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