2011-2016 Ford F150 3.5L EcoBoost 3" Cold Air Intake

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Ford F-150 EcoBoost 3″ Forward Facing Cold Air Intake Kit

Our F-150 FreakoBoost Cold Air Intake draws fresh, cool air from the front of the vehicle – not from the wheel well or engine bay. Install is straight forwards and requires basic mechanical skills and hand tools. The entire job can be performed with the truck on the ground in under 30 minutes – no need to use a lift.

Installation Instructions located HERE


  • 2011 F-150 EcoBoost
  • 2012-2014 F-150 EcoBoost
  • 2015-2016 F-150 EcoBoost

Ford F-150 FreakoBoost CAI Includes:

  • (2) 3.0″ Intake Pipes, fully divorced
  • (2) K & N High Flow Air Filters
  • Hand Fabricated Forwards Facing Intake Airbox
  • 4-ply Silicone Couplers And Clamps

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Ford F-150 EcoBoost CAI Kit Features:

  • Direct Replacement: Plug-and-Play
  • Excellent fit and sound quality
  • Decreases spool time and increases overall power
  • Direct bolt on, plug and play, retains engine cover – NO CUTTING REQUIRED
  • Draws fresh air from the front of the vehicle, not from the wheel well or engine bay (similar to 2015+ F-150)
  • Made in the USA
  • For maximum performance gains, Full-Race recommends to remove the attenuators (turbo noise reducers) inside the OEM intake tubes, when installing.
  • Please specify 2011 (Hitachi IAT sensor), 2012-2014 (Bosch IAT sensor) or 2015-2016+

2011-2014-ford-f-150-freakoboost-forward-facing-3-cold-air-intake-content-5 2011-2014-ford-f-150-freakoboost-forward-facing-3-cold-air-intake-content-6 2011-2014-ford-f-150-freakoboost-forward-facing-3-cold-air-intake-content-7

trim rubber flaps to provide fresh air flow:

2011-2014-ford-f-150-freakoboost-forward-facing-3-cold-air-intake-content-8 2011-2014-ford-f-150-freakoboost-forward-facing-3-cold-air-intake-content-9 2011-2014-ford-f-150-freakoboost-forward-facing-3-cold-air-intake-content-10

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