Honda S2000 ProStreet Turbo Kit



Turbine Housing

Turbine Coating

Downpipe Coating

Manifold Coating


TiAL MVR Wastegate


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Honda S2000 ProStreet Turbo Kit

Full-Race GT30R & GT35R turbo system for the Honda S2000 – This is the turbo kit that started it all. Our legendary S2000 prostreet T3 turbo kit has set the bar for power and reliability. Today it remains one of the most solid and best designed kits ever developed for the AP1/AP2 chassis. This turbo kit utilizes Full-Race’s legendary engineering design and fabrication combined with the finest components available. Based upon the industry standard Full-Race S2000 turbo manifold and Tial 44mm V-Band wastegate, you can choose between the Garrett GT3071R, GT3076R and GT3582R ball bearing turbochargers. No matter what choice you make, the Full-Race S2000 Turbo Kit delivers excellent throttle response with strong midrange and top end power, without boost creep. Full-Race recommends the 30R kit with 76mm compressor wheel for autocross, and 76mm compressor wheel for road racing and time attack and stock to mildly modified street/strip applications. Full-Race recommends the 35R kit for mildly modified to fully-built engines intended for street/strip and drag applications. Available with larger turbocharger options upon request, please call with any questions. (866) Full-Race.

The Full-Race Honda S2000 ProStreet Turbo Kit Includes:

  • Full-Race S2000 ProStreet Turbo Manifold
  • Full-Race S2000 ProStreet 3″ Downpipe
  • Full-Race S2000 ProStreet Intercooler
  • Full-Race S2000 ProStreet Charge Piping
  • Full-Race S2000 ProStreet Kit Box
  • Full-Race S2000 Oil Filter Relocate Kit

Full-Race S2000 ProStreet Turbo Manifold

Full-Race S2000 ProStreet 3″ Downpipe

Optional Coated Downpipe:

Full-Race S2000 ProStreet Intercooler

Optional Anodized Finish:

Full-Race S2000 ProStreet Charge Piping, Couplers and Clamps

Full-Race Hardware, Fittings & Lines

Optional Turbocharger

Full-Race recommends the following turbochargers, but there are many more options available. Contact us at (866) FULLRACE for more information.

Garrett GT30R
Garrett GT35R


Optional TiAL MVR Wastegate

Optional TiAL Q Blow Off Valve

Dyno Results

Video of Carey Bales’ Full-Race T3 Prostreet T3/T67 Turbokit equipped S2000 9sec pump gas street car w/ Inline Pro built motor, MT ET Street Radials, 93 octane pump gas, and AEM EMS.

Video Link: Project01 Garage S2000, stock bottom end w/ head gasket

Full-Race GT3582R Turbo Kit, stock 2.0L w/ 3mm HG, tuning at 13 psi and 19 psi on 93 octane.

Full-Race GT3076R Turbo Kit at 9psi up to 17psi on 93 octane on a bone stock F22C.

Additional Photos

“I purchased your Full-Race turbo kit for my S2000 in September of 2009. The kit has completely revolutionized the car providing amazing power with instant spool and constant boost all the way to 9000 RPM. The power is perfect for road course tracks while being reliable and a ton of fun in regular daily driving. In fact the spool is faster and much smoother then my unmodified 2010 WRX! Over the past 3 years and 30,000+ miles this kit has been absolutely bullet proof. With the install from Jeff Devos of JDV Motorsports and tune from Jeff Evans from Evans-Tuning this is a very reliable setup for transforming the S2000. I would highly encourage anyone considering a Full-Race kit to make the investment. Between the best of the best products, top notch customer service, and lifetime warranty you just can’t go wrong with Full-Race. I look forward to enjoying this setup for 100,000+ more miles and maybe one day investing in some Full-Race products for my WRX.
Thank you!
Justin Osserman

Application Notes:

  • 30R Supports up to 560whp, 35R supports up to 660whp. Psychopaths that need more can use larger turbos, inquire for more info.
  • Now includes GT Vband turbine housing and downpipe for easier installation.
  • Gold Heat shielding foil highly recommended for use on A/C lines, Fusebox, and all wires/hoses.
  • We strongly recommend HPC coating exhaust manifold, turbine housing and downpipe, due to close proximity to firewall and fusebox/battery/ac lines.
  • Fuel, tuning and engine management required (AEM EMS or Hondata are recommended). Must remove air pump on driver side fender well to fit charge piping. This is required for any turbokit with an intercooler.
  • Must trim rubber evaporator tube on the firewall. Heat from the turbocharger can cause this to melt.
  • Stock battery location can be retained by using the Full-Race battery strap and a smaller size battery. Full-Race strongly recommends using heat shielding and/or gold heat reflective tape to isolate the battery and fusebox from any thermal stresses.

For additional information and/or related questions, feel free to contact us.

  • (866) FULLRACE
Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 24 x 12 in

Garrett GT3071R ($+1,214.19), Garrett GT3076R ($+1,282.00), Garrett GT3582R ($+1,499.64)

Turbine Housing

.63, .82

Downpipe Coating

2000 Deg. Black ($+120.00), 2000 Deg. Silver ($+120.00), None

Manifold Coating

2000 Deg. Black ($+125.00), 2000 Deg. Silver ($+125.00), None

Turbine Coating

2000 Deg. Black ($+85.00), 2000 Deg. Silver ($85), None

S2000 Model

AP1, AP2


Black ($+259.99), Blue ($+259.99), None, Purple ($+259.99), Red ($+259.99), Silver ($+259.99)

TiAL MVR Wastegate

Black ($+349.00), Blue ($+349.00), None, Purple($+349.00), Red ($+349.00), Silver($+349.00)


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