Honda 8th Gen Civic Si K-Series FG2 / FA5 Garrett Turbo Kit


Honda 8th Gen Civic Si K-Series FG/FA Turbo Kit 2006-2011

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The Full-Race K-series Turbo Kit for your FA2 and FG2 chassis is proven to be the best performing and most reliable turbo kit for stock OR built K-series engines. Engineered to offer the ultimate in performance and durability, Full-Race kits spool faster, last longer and produce more reliable power across the entire RPM range than any other kit on the market. Full-Race’s K Series Prostreet Turbo Kits can support power levels from an ultra responsive 300whp to a 700+whp monster. This kit retains all accessories such as PS and AC. 44mm TiAL wastegate standard, but this turbo kit is also available to suit BorgWarner EFR turbochargers, without WG or BOV. Available with optional Full-Race Intake, Dumptube, TiAL Wastegate and Blow Off Valve. Call (866) FULLRACE for more information.

The Full-Race Honda Civic Si K-Series FG/FA Turbo Kit Includes:

  • Full-Race K-Series FG Turbo Manifold
  • Full-Race K-Series FG 3″ Downpipe
  • Full-Race K-Series FG Vertical Flow Intercooler
  • Full-Race K-Series FG Charge Piping
  • Full-Race K-Series FG Kit Box

Full-Race K-Series FG Turbo Manifold

Full-Race K-Series FG 3″ Downpipe

Full-Race K-Series FG Vertical Flow Intercooler & Charge Pipes

Includes Bumper Beam, Couplers and Clamps

Full-Race Hardware, Fittings & Lines

Optional Turbocharger

Full-Race recommends the following turbochargers, but many more options are available. For more information, contact us at (866) FULLRACE.

Up to 390 WHP
Up to 560 WHP
Up to 660 WHP
T3/T04E 57 trim


Optional TiAL MVR Wastegate

Optional TiAL Q Blow Off Valve

Optional Full-Race 3.5″ or 4.0″ Intake

Optional Full-Race Dumptube

Turbo Kit Accessories

Install Photos:

Full Race Civic SI GT35R Turbo Kit VS Supercharger Dyno Results

2007 Civic Si, owned by Black07si on — Courtesy of Church Automotive:


    Video courtesy of Daniel @ Church Auto and Black07si:


Full Race Civic SI GT30R Turbo Kit Dyno Results

  • 2008 Honda Civic Si w/ bone stock K20 engine from valve cover to oil pan.
  • Custom 3″ exhaust and test pipe, Competition Stage 4 Clutch kit Injector Dynamics, 1000cc Drop-In Injectors, Plug and Play Injector Clips, Walbro 255lph HP fuel pump kit, Hondata 4 bar map sensor, Hondata FlashPro Engine Management.
  • The solid lines on the graph represent 9.5 psi of boost, and the dotted lines represent 7.5 psi of boost. Tuning was done on 93 octane pump gas. At 9.5 psi of boost the injector duty cycle was 68%.


David Onciu
Dear Full-Race,

Just thought I’d pop in and give a long term review of the Full-Race GT3076R Turbo Kit. I think I am the only member with the entire kit on and used the longest.The kit was installed first week of March 2010 with a few of my buddies, mainly Full-Race Andrew. The kit was installed in 12 hours time, and then a few days later, tuned by the legendary Jeff Evans. The car made 435whp on 91 octane pump @ 12lbs, and 568whp on 100 octane pump @ 17lbs on a stock engine with 82,000 miles on it.

Over the year and four months that I have had the kit on the car, I have broken an axle from a failed burnout on the 568whp tune, and replaced a coupler. Other than that, this kit continues to dominate. I switched tuners to Mike (Soxfan), and he managed to pull even more power out of my pump tune, never dyno’d but it was a noticeable increase. I now run 17lbs on 91 octane pump. I installed the Full-Race traction balls, and noticed a amazing difference in the driving. No torque steer, feels planted to the ground, and it reduced my annoying vibrations from an alignment issue which I still need to fix.

Long story short, I have over 108k miles on my car, with 26k miles on my kit, and it is still running strong. Engineering and craftsmanship from Full-Race at it’s best. Thanks again to Geoff and the staff at Full-Race (Brett, Matt, Joey, etc.) Thanks to Andrew Moore, Brett McKendrick, Mike Spencer, and Jeff Evans.

This thread is located at: 8th Civic Thread

For any questions please reference the Full-Race FAQ.

For additional information and/or related questions, feel free to contact us.

  • (866) FULLRACE
Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 24 x 12 in

44mm Dumptube ($+118.76), NONE


3.5″ Intake with Filter ($+195.67), 4.0″ Intake with Filter ($+195.67), NONE


Garrett GT2871RS ($+1,313.21), Garrett GT3076R ($+1,390.99), Garrett GT3582R ($+1,590.99), Garrett GTX3071R ($+1,732.14), Garrett GTX3076R ($+1,732.14), Garrett T3/T04E 57 Trim ($+1,219.39)

Downpipe Coating

2000 Deg. Black ($+120.00), 2000 Deg. Silver ($+120.00), None

Manifold Coating

2000 Deg. Black ($+125.00), 2000 Deg. Silver ($+125.00), None

Turbine Coating

2000 Deg. Black ($85), 2000 Deg. Silver ($+85.00), None

Fuel Pump

DW65C In-Tank Fuel Pump ($+149.00), NONE

Fuel Injectors

Deatschwerks 1300cc Injectors (Set of 4) ($+399.00), Deatschwerks 2200cc Injectors (Set of 4) ($+839.00), Deatschwerks 450cc Injectors (Set of 4) ($+329.00), Deatschwerks 600cc Injectors (Set of 4) ($+329.00), Deatschwerks 800cc Injectors (Set of 4) ($+369.00), Deatschwerks 850cc Injectors (Set of 4) ($+399.00), NONE


Black ($+259.99), Blue ($+259.99), None, Purple ($+259.99), Red ($+259.99), Silver ($+259.99)

TiAL Wastegates

Black ($+349.00), Blue ($+349.00), NONE, Purple ($+349.00), Red ($+349.00), Silver ($+349.00)


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