2011 – 2014 3.5L F-150 EcoBoost FreakoBoost Intercooler / CAC Upgrade Kit


Intercooler Finish

Throttle Body Spacer

BOV Configuration *

Meth bungs


2011-2014 Ford F-150 Freak-O-Boost Front Mount Intercooler Kit

Click HERE to view the install guide for our EcoBoost F150 Intercooler


  • 2011-2012 F150 EcoBoost with OEM turbos
  • 2013-2014 F150 EcoBoost with OEM eBOV
  • 2011-2014 F150 EcoBoost with aftermarket BOV

The addition of a high performance air-to-air intercooler is an important bolt-on upgrade for turbocharged Ford EcoBoost engines. Also known as the ‘C-A-C’ (Charge Air Cooler) we relocate the intercoler up high in the grille, for increased fresh airflow and to keep out of harm’s way. Independent Datalogs show OEM coolers reaching 190F at max load, compared to 100F with only the Full-Race Intercooler upgrade. We use efficient and durable bar-and-plate intercoolers with optimized Fin pitch, and expertly TIG welded gussetted brackets / endtanks in precise fixtures. The lower mounting beam is hand-fabricated from high strength steel and powder coated black. This intercooler uses 3″ inlet / 3″ outlet and is available with water/meth bungs on the coldside charge pipe. Each intercooler is individually pressure tested to 50 psi before shipping.
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The Full-Race Ford F-150 EcoBoost Intercooler / CAC Upgrade Kit Includes:

  • Front Mount Intercoooler core with >1000cfm flow rate for <1psi pressure drop at 600+hp airflow levels. 70% more internal flow area than stock, using oversized 10mm charge air and 10mm ambient air paths (compared to the stock 6.5mm air paths)
  • Intercooler Mounting Beam
  • Aluminum Charge Piping (Hot and Cold Side)
  • 2-ply Couplers and t-bolt clamps
  • Horn Relocation Bracket

ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-1 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-2 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-3

Ford F-150 EcoBoost Front Mount Intercooler Kit Features:

  • Direct Replacement: Plug-and-Play – No tuning required!
  • High efficiency core designed specifically for the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine
  • Hand fabricated, professionally TIG welded endtanks and mounting tabs with bead-rolled charge pipes
  • Optional aluminum bungs on charge pipe to suit Water/Meth injection nozzles
  • Retains OEM sensors and purge solenoid fittings
  • No cutting or permanent modifications required – Direct Bolt On
  • Optional Black Anodizing on intercooler for stealth appearance
  • Allows EcoBoost F150’s to use a off-road prerunner bumper, approved snowplow mounts and other accessories
  • Winch Compatibile: Rough Country 1010 hidden-winch mounting plate + VR10000 WARN Winch

F150 is a tough truck that will be subjected to work site and off-road abuse – so strength and durability are mandatory. OEM ecoboost intercoolers use thin aluminum cores crimped with plastic endtanks. This design is low cost, easy to manufacture, and offers adequate cooling for the stock turbos. However high-performance and larger turbos can overwork the stock core, causing ‘heatsoak’ (intake air temperatures rise uncontrollably) and a corresponding reduction in power. In high humidity or rainy environments, the stock intercooler position can lead to condensation water building-up inside the stock cooler. Upon sudden acceleration and boost, this water can be introduced into the engine causing a misfire event. If you have experienced this often, we recommend using a mechanical vent-to-atmosphere BOV (blow-off valve) on the lower charge pipe, after the intercooler. These can help evacuate moisture from the charge air stream before it enters the engine’s throttle body.

2013-2014 OEM Electronic Blow Off Valve option

ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-35 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-37 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-38 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-39

TiAL External Blow Off Valve Option

ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-43 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-44 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-46

Turbosmart Smart Port BOV (External Blow Off Valve Option)

ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-69 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-70 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-71

Note 2: 2013-2016+ Applications which convert from eBOV to Mechanical BOV (TurboSmart or TiAL) – look to see if your intake manifold has an unused vacuum nipple behind the TB. If not, our TB spacer -or- PCV delete are recommended.

2013+ Ford F-150 Blow Off Valve Comparison

Dyno Charts:


Full-Race Intercooler (red line) VS Stock Charge-Air-Cooler (blue line)

Customer Photos:

ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-54 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-55 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-56 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-57 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-65 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-66 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-67 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-68


ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-24 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-25 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-26 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-29

ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-30 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-31 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-33 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-48 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-49

ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-50 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-51 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-52 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-53

ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-58 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-59 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-60 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-61

ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-62 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-63 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-64

Winch Compatibile: Rough Country 1010 hidden mounting plate + WARN VR10000 Winch

ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-73 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-72

F150 EcoBoost Intercooler installation tips

ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-7 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-8 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-9 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-10

  • Remove OEM CAC / Intercooler and OEM upper CAC mounting beam (leave lower CAC mount beam to fasten oil change dust shield under the engine). Remove TB cold-side charge pipe (blue #3). Remove TCBP/CACT sensor and unplug Quick-Disconnect PCV fitting
  • Using soapy-water in a squirt bottle, lightly spray inside the couplers for an easy installation                        ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-4 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-5 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-6
  • Swap 2 rubber isolators from the factory CAC to the bottom of the Full-Race cooler, using mounting bosses
  •       ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-11 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-12 ford-f-150-ecoboost-front-mount-intercooler-kit-1-content-13
  • Move Dual-Horns up and away from cooler, using supplied relocation bracket

Customer Testimonial:

“The Full-Race Intercooler WORKS. The data showed a drop from 190F IAT2 to almost ambient on a 100% stock truck, changing only the cooler” –Matt A. (SCT/Bullydog lead EcoBoost calibrator)

“I just wanted to let you guys know that y’all make a great product. The workmanship is outstanding, the welds are on point, and the intercooler is just plain badass! I have a 2011 ecoboost and I opted for the bov – it sounds awesome!! I also polished it to a mirror, looks great behind my black grille. thanks again”

“I thought I would send some pics of the intercooler on my truck if you needed anymore for advertising. This thing is amazing and keeps my IAT2 temps within 1* of ambient air temps not matter how hot outside. I truly love the product and how it looks on the truck also. Thanks. -Don Y

We also recommend our 11-14 F150 radiator upgrade

For additional information and/or related questions, feel free to contact us.

  • Sales@Full-Race.com
  • (866) FULLRACE
Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 24 x 12 in
Intercooler Finish

Black Anodized($+150.00), Standard

Meth Bungs

None, Yes ($+40.00)

Throttle Body Spacer

add TB Spacer w/ Boost Ports ($+89.99), none

BOV Configuration

2013-2014 OEM eBOV ($+50.00), None (2011-2012 Only), Tial Q ($+260.00), Turbosmart Smart Port BOV ($+313.00)


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    I have had this kit for over a year now and love it, the truck gets better airflow and is more responsive when I want to get on it. I highly recommend this Intercooler, just waiting on Full Race to release their new charge piping to replace the rest of the plastic OEM pipes.

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