Full Race Turbo Kits

R14 Conversion

Conversions are currently only being offered as self-install kits for the S14 chassis, ready to ship in late 2008. Full-Race is no longer offering installations, or turn-key vehicles.

Self-Install Chassis Conversions

Chassis conversions are available in two orientations, and both are equally upgradeable. The differences between the two conversions are in the dampers and driveshaft.

The base "steel" kits use KONI Steel Coilovers and a 3" steel driveshaft.

The upgraded "aluminum" kits use aluminum double adjustable KONI coilovers (Remote Reservoir available), and an ultra light and torsionally smooth 4" aluminum CV driveshaft. Both kits include everything needed to get the car running, including the electronic 4wd controller, p/s lines and cooler, and all R14 specific chassis fabrication. Wiring, plumbing, turbochargers and exhaust are not included in this package.

The parts you will need (not included) are: S14 chassis, and R32 complete front clip (with front/rear subframes + suspension, engine and transmission). We can provide you with clips, but require 6-12 week leadtimes.

Notes for All Conversions

The R14 kit is intended for off-road use only. We regret that due to our increasingly busy schedule and a stretched production capacity Full Race will not be installing the R14 kits. Installations must be performed by the customer, or a capable fabrication shop. Welding is required! Full-Race recommends using a 220V MIG welder with argon/C02 and an experienced welder. The quality of the weld dictates the quality of the installation.

Conversion kit pricing will be announced in early to mid 2008, with kits shipping in late 2008. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ASKING FOR DATES OR PRICES. When we are ready to accept orders, all info will be placed on this site. For all parties interested in a Skyline conversion, but either on a budget or more interested in RWD, we offer RWD Skyline conversions. More info can be found here: S13/S14 RB Engine Mounts.