Full-Race 2006-2011 8th Generation Civic Si FG2/FA5 Turbo Kit FAQ

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The K20 engine is one of the highest flowing production engines we've ever worked with (on par with only the S2000's F20/F22). When turbocharging these applications, it is imperative that the turbo system be engineered to properly compliment the engine's huge flow characteristics. We ask that if you are seriously considering forced induction that you take the time to read through this FAQ (I know it's a lot... I wrote it). This is an attempt to answer any and every question you could have. If there is something you need to know not listed, please email us at tech@full-race.com and we'll update it. The information contained herein has taken years of hard work from many smart people to compile.


The Full-Race FG/FA turbo kit is designed to be exceptionally powerful and very fast spooling while generating huge area-under-the-curve and maintaining quick response. When it came to designing the specifications, Full-Race engineers followed the same design philosophy as our legendary S2000 and K series turbo systems - offering maximum versatility and value to our customers. On a 100% stock Civic Si engine (upgraded turbo kit, clutch and fuel system/injectors), the Full-Race FG2/FA5 06+ Si turbo kit reliably generates a minimum of 330-400+whp on 91-93 octane pump gas at the low boost setting. With larger turbochargers and race gas, well over 700+whp is attainable (power range dependent upon turbocharger used and boost level set. 500+whp requires lower compression and supporting fuel mods). All turbo kits use the same manifold, downpipe, wastegate, exhaust, intercooler, piping etc, establishing the Full-Race turbo kit as the most versatile forced induction system available for the 06+ Civic Si. For example, if you start with an autocross GT2871R turbo and decide drag racing is your thing, swap in a GT35R (or smaller/larger) and retune...

The Turbo Kit consists of...

Optional Items

Recommended Items

Full-Race kits have always been designed to be hardcore and versatile with no-frills, and the FG/FA Civic turbo kit is no exception - you get ONLY the best of what you need, no corners cut or compromises made. Our manifold is the highest quality, highest flowing and longest lasting turbo manifold on the planet... with the best welds in the industry. The handmade, TIG welded stainless downpipe is a true 3" - the least restrictive design possible. The intercooler system is one of the best designs we've ever developed and easily the highest performing intercooling option for this car. You personally choose which clutch, fuel system, gauges, exhaust that YOU want in YOUR car. For example, you have the choice of using any fuel injectors you want to run (we recommend the ID 1000cc injectors), but our turbo kits will work with all types. There is no hacked up engine management system included for you to waste money on, Hondata FlashPro is the best solution (we build the best turbo kits, they build the best ECUs; they can't build turbo kits better than us and we can't build ECUs better than them - symbiosis). This is a major benefit over many of the other turbo kits currently offered ie: some kits include small injectors with less optimal spray patterns than stock, so driveability suffers and the first time the boost is turned up a little the "new" injectors are maxxed-out and already need to be upgraded. Many of our customers also have their own engine management, and/or their own clutch, fuel system, etc and do not need to purchase those items a second time... so while Full-Race does not include all supporting items with the base turbo kit - we custom tailor the turbo kit and supporting components to be a complete optimal package designed for you and your specific application. We aim to give you the most value and most performance at the best price.

If you are serious about turbocharging your car, and do not yet understand turbochargers, Full-Race highly recommends reading these two books to get prepared for boost.

Full-Race Kit Specs


Whether you like dodging cones at the local auto-cross or are looking to hurt egos at the local drag races, Full-Race turbo kits are available with your choice of turbo, to suit your application. Quick spool, fast response and a broad powerband with huge area-under-the-curve is the #1 focus, with each respective turbocharger bringing unique benefits. The fact that you can unbolt any turbo and boltup any other T3/4bolt turbos (smaller or larger) with no significant changes is a huge benefit. For example, if you've installed a Full-Race 57trim turbo kit and 6 months later you're itching for more power, you can just turn the boost up a little, or install a GT30R or a GT35R and re-tune... making more power at the same low boost level.

Continue reading to get a better idea of each turbocharger's characteristics as part of the Full-Race turbo kit. Turbos are listed in order from smallest to largest: GT2871R, T3/T04E 57trim, GT3076R. GT3582R.

Install Notes

Note: Full-Race recommends eliminating the MAF sensor. Check out the Hondata write up on how to replace it with a RSX IAT sensor and plug. Hondata MAF Removal Write Up.

Oil Drain Notes

Downpipe Notes

In order to clear our massive high flowing 3" downpipe, the steering rack strap's mount must be trimmed for clearance.

Intercooler Notes

When installing FMIC, rotate the ambient air temp sensor vertically and retighten (it does not fit between the intercooler and condenser).

Charge Pipe Notes

After the FMIC is mounted, trim the fender well sheet metal to clear the giant 2.5" charge pipes. Trimming here is NOT structural and is NOT part of the frame - just thin sheet metal. When installing the charge piping, the 90 deg coupler from the turbocharger outlet should be positioned parallel to the firewall, pointing directly at the driver side fender.

Battery Notes

Stock battery will fit in stock location or you can use a smaller sized battery. Another option is relocating the stock battery to the trunk. ***If the stock battery location is used be sure to keep the positive battery lead away from the metal headlight support.

Heat Management

Heat is the enemy of any car, and on a high performance engine it is critical that insulation be used. HPC coatings, additional header wrap, additional heat protection measures are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all hot side components in the engine bay. This turbo kit includes heat reflective gold foil that is an ultra efficient at thermal-reflector to protect brake lines and misc. wiring near the area of the turbo and manifold. Gold foil must also be used on the 90 degree silicone coupler near manifold. Additionally, we recommend using anti seize on ALL threads and vband surfaces - it makes working on the car much easier!

Clutch and Turbo Kit Install Notes

If doing the clutch install at the same time as the turbo kit install, it may be easier to drop the engine to separate the transmission and tap the oil pan + install the manifold, turbo, downpipe, wastegate, and dump tube assembly. This engine is very easy to drop! Full-Race recommends using the Competition Clutch Stage 4 Spring.

Air Intake Notes

If the optional intake is not purchased, you can install a cone filter directly on the turbochargers inlet as pictured here.

Full-Race 2006-2011 Honda Civic Si EFR Turbo Kit